Ten years of secret love by Wang Baoqiang? Lin Zhiling's Good Person Card Responds to Denial of the Rumor

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Ten years of secret love by Wang Baoqiang? Lin Zhiling's Good Person Card Responds to Denial of the Rumor

2019-04-01 11:24:06 685 ℃

On March 31, Lin Zhiling, a Taiwanese goddess, appeared at an event in Hong Kong, showing off her figure, wearing a white skirt with slender legs, and a strap on her chest. Now, at the age of 44, she is still enchanting and admirable. As a well-known immortal goddess in the circle, her figure and appearance are indeed much better than her peers, but this time in Hong Kong media lens. Next, her face has the traces of years, slightly stiff and some dark yellow, it seems that the old goddess also want to be old!

This time, Lin Zhiling showed up to talk to the media about her future emotional life and ideal type. She also said: "I think boys are not very close to me, maybe because in the entertainment circle, but I am a very simple girl." After all, such a perfect goddess, of course, many people do not dare to approach easily! And Lin Zhiling also disclosed that she would consider making friends software to choose a spouse in the future. She also disclosed to media reporters that if you see me, you can talk to me. It seems that the goddess is still eager for love, but also to make friends with software to make boyfriends, after all, the age is not too old, in fact, should be considered! _________

The Hong Kong media is still asking Lin Zhiling on the spot: Wang Baoqiang has been in love with you for 10 years. Is the rumor on the Internet true? After hearing this, Lin Zhiling said that some of the reports were entertaining, not the truth. She added: "I know him, and I have worked with him in the theatre. Wang Baoqiang is a kind person and also very humorous." He is very kind? It's funny, too? This is also called "good person card" by the Hong Kong media, after all, for the gentle sister Zhiling, almost every encouragement and praise is so!

, and Baoqiang Wang's love for Lin Chiling, is the news from Ma Rong's girlfriends. A few days ago, Ma Rong's friends were two people in the social platform. They also revealed that the diamond old woman had been secretly in love with Lin Chiling for ten years. Not only did Lin Chiling mention Lin Chiling many times in front of Ma Rong, but sometimes she was still in the filming. It's a mystery to have a play with Lin Zhiling and change three sets of clothes every day. Ma Rong is just Wang Baoqiang as a "stand-in" for Lin Zhiling. However, the revelation has not been answered by both sides. Since Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong shared their property peacefully, Ma Rong's good friends have still abused Wang Baoqiang and exposed all kinds of materials on social platforms. But there is no basis for this information point. According to and real hammer; now Lin Zhiling's response is also proved to be a rumor!

Although there are some emotions or intimate contacts between star performers, Wang Baoqiang and Lin Zhiling do not seem to match each other very well. One is a high goddess, the other is a diamond king, and there are some stars in all aspects of the gap between them. You know, Lin Zhiling's ex-boyfriend is Yan Chengxu, a famous domineering president, and Lin Zhiling's.“ The response of "Good Person Card" almost proves that they are just friends.

Today Lin Zhiling also hopes to get a new relationship, but it should not be a husband or an unsuitable person; while Lin Zhiling's love affair with Yan Chengxu which lasted for more than ten years ended in a breakup, it is still a pity for many fans; for Wang Baoqiang and Lin Zhiling's love affair, it has been confirmed that it is rumor-making and hopes are great. Don't relay and trust at home anymore!