Xiao Yaxuan died 500 days later? Friends'answers disappoint NetFriendship

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Xiao Yaxuan died 500 days later? Friends'answers disappoint NetFriendship

2019-04-01 11:24:14 891 ℃
Xiao Yaxuan, who disappeared for 500 days recently, finally appeared in the camera of his friends, but it was enough to make fans revel. A good friend of Xiao Yaxuan shared a photo with her. In the photo, Xiao Yaxuan wore light makeup and sleeveless jacket. She put a strand of hair on her mouth and pursed her lips. The whole situation looks very good.

Subsequently, an exciting fan went to confide in his friend who sent the photo. The friend said that it was only an old photo, which disappointed the fans. He thought he was finally going to show up and finally came out for an activity, but the result was an old photo. In fact, Xiao Yaxuan has never appeared in the public's vision since his 17-year concert. He has not participated in any activities or gatherings of friends. The album he promised at the beginning was delayed again and again, and he has never seen any occasional photographs, so it disappeared.

Her last Facebook posting stayed in May, indicating that she was not feeling well and assuring you that she would be back soon, but it was very long, almost two years ago.

Many netizens also think of Xiao Yaxuan from time to time, so the disappearance of emptiness is really worrying. There are also rumors on the Internet that she suffers from strange diseases, frequent severe headaches, inexplicable fever and severe silence. In fact, in 2017, Xiao Yaxuan went to LA to practice dancing for her new album, but because she was too stressed and fell ill, she was diagnosed with severe bronchial inflammation. After seeing many doctors, she had no obvious effect. She often suffered from fever and physical exhaustion, so she could only interrupt her activities and rest assured to recuperate her illness. Last year, Xiao Yaxuan's agent also revealed that she was adjusting her exercise regularly in order to recover herself.

Recently, she told me that she would be able to practice dancing on the new album slowly, but I didn't put too much pressure on her. After all, her health was the most important, and she began to enter the state slowly."

Although this is not a recent photograph, you do not know what the current situation of Xiao Yaxuan, but still hope Xiao Yaxuan can recover soon, can bring amazing works for fans as soon as possible.