Occasionally, Guo Biting looks at cherry blossoms to Sakurai Japan. Little couples play "spanking" in the depths of their relationship.

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Occasionally, Guo Biting looks at cherry blossoms to Sakurai Japan. Little couples play "spanking" in the depths of their relationship.

2019-04-01 11:24:12 818 ℃

On the evening of March 31, Guo Biting and Xiang Sao, newly engaged, hurried to Japan for their two worlds, sharing the beauty of Japan almost at the same time. The sweet couple also used the same passage. The husband sings with his wife, which can be said to be very sweet.

Shared not only the beautiful scenery of Japan, but also a photo with his fiancee Guo Biting. In the photo, Guo Biting snuggles in Xiangzuo's arms and feels naughty about the wink girl. Guo Biting's face is indeed high, such an angle can be so beautiful.

In the photo shared by Guo Biting, Guo Biting shared a self-timer of herself. Guo Biting in self-portrait apparently did not make up much, but her skin was very good, white and tender, and her smile was fresh and sweet. Fan groups of

also shared their photos in Japan. They really look right. They are very romantic under the cherry tree.

Many netizens saw the photos of the same place shared by the two people, and they all made fun of him. Guo Biting taught him how to take pictures, which was very tragic.

Both of them had a very good time in Japan and were sprinkling sugar all the time. Guo Biting and Xiangzuo play egg twister together, and Xiangzuo look at the side very gentle, eyes full of love. Looking at Zona's gentle smile, is it sweet?

When someone was photographing, Xiangzuo did not resist but smiled generously at the camera, which was very grounded. During the period, he also hit Guo Biting's buttock. It is estimated that he could not help seeing his daughter-in-law so lovely.

In addition to shopping and sightseeing, the two people also participated in the art gallery together, so the literary and artistic activities seem to be more in line with Guo Biting's personality. Let's think of going to Zoe Guo Biting!

Guo Biting and Xiangsuo have attracted many netizens'attention since their first engagement. After this engagement, they rushed to Japan for vacation. Many netizens expressed whether they had gone to honeymoon ahead of schedule. Hong Kong media interviewed Xiang Zuo and said that of course it was not going to honeymoon but to work. I will be shooting Du Qifeng's latest movie soon. Before the start of the project, I promised to do the brand promotion. Biting will accompany me to Japan when she is free. Xiangzuo also laments that the netizens are so powerful now that they are recognized.


Last time, Guo Biting, who went to India to work with him, was really a very young girl beside him.

Suggesting to Saomi Guo Biting a few days ago, Guo Biting's pigeon egg diamond ring attracted many netizens'attention. As a fan head, her mother-in-law came out to clarify that she bought the ring specially from a big diamond supplier. It's the most perfect diamond ring in the United States. It's so happy for Guo Biting to have such a loving mother-in-law. <<


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