Wu Minxia and her husband hosted a hundred-day banquet for their daughter. The scene was beautifully decorated. Juping's sister also came to congratulate her.

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Wu Minxia and her husband hosted a hundred-day banquet for their daughter. The scene was beautifully decorated. Juping's sister also came to congratulate her.

2019-04-01 11:24:17 1136 ℃

Wu Minxia, absolutely a leader in diving, is the first female Olympic "hardware" winner in Chinese history, and is the pride of the motherland! But in 2016 she announced that she would retire. After all, her age was there. At that time, she was 31 years old. Her sports career was temporarily over, but her family life opened a new chapter! In 2017, Wu Minxia got her marriage license with her boyfriend. I remember one year when watching the Olympic Games, a female journalist selected a man who was very selective in appearance and temperament from the audience to interview him and asked who he supported. He said he supported Wu Minxia. When asked the reason, he said that he was her boyfriend and his love was exposed. It's so sweet!

December 18, 2018, the two welcomed the crystallization of love, for which Wu Minxia gave birth to a lovely daughter, nicknamed Xixi.

The last day of March was Wu Minxia's daughter's hundred-day banquet. For this daughter, she gave her all her love. Wu Minxia showed the pictures at the banquet. In addition to expressing her gratitude to her elder friends, she also expressed her daughter: Xixi Baby bringing joy to our small family. 。 Mother loves water, but also hopes that water can bring good luck, wishing you every day in the future can be free.

Husband Zhang Chengcheng also forwarded the text, the same is gratitude and blessing!

From the photos, the 100-day banquet was held in the hotel, and the layout of the scene was very beautiful and romantic, which shows that the couple attached great importance to the child. For those in their 30s who are new parents, this child is especially hard-won.

Zhang Xuecheng's holding posture is not very skilled, but she keeps amuseing her daughter. Wu Minxia wears a dress and boots, wears a high ponytail, and her figure almost completely recovers. As a matter of fact, the athletes'physique is different!

The little princess was wearing white clothes, blue and white striped skirt, white and tender, not crying, not noisy, very soft and waxy. < p > < p > Wu Minxia and her husband looked at their daughter Xixi, their eyes full of love and their faces full of happy smiles. The surprise of

is that we actually saw Juping's sister. We don't know whether she is hosting or wishing you well. It's not different from what we saw on TV when we were young. She has a good face. Husband Wu Minxia is an industry elite, so it's not surprising to know many excellent people.

There are many sports stars who come to the scene to attend the 100-day banquet, such as Qin Kai, He Wenna, Chen Ruolin, Steinmao and so on. It is not only the little princess's 100-day banquet, but also a good opportunity for everyone to reunite.

Wu Minxia is holding a basin of water. The little princess of Xixi is probably washing jiojio. Of course, she may hope that the water will bring her good luck just like her mother! Wu Minxia enjoyed playing water when she was a child. During kindergarten, she was seen by her coach as a good seedling for diving, so she had a legendary Olympic career.

Grandpa is very careful to hold her daughter, the picture is very lovely! I hope Xixi can be like her mother in the future, have super water, and have the same intelligent brain as her father, become a learning hegemony!