Which couple in the entertainment industry will never divorce? The loudest voice is...

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Which couple in the entertainment industry will never divorce? The loudest voice is...

2019-04-07 08:02:15 767 ℃

In recent days, first, Liu Qiangdong, a milk tea sister, has been repeatedly divorced, and then Bezos, the world's richest man, has announced that he is divorced. Many netizens say that he has begun to believe in love again.


But on the other hand, Du Haitao Shen Mengchen took a wedding photo, and the good news is near.

Seeing that the stars'love affairs are so unpredictable, there are netizens posting questions these two days -

What couples in the entertainment circle will never divorce?

The comments of netizens are also varied.

Some people say that Sun Li Deng Chao; others say that Chen Xiaochun should be a child; Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, Zhou Jielun, Kunling, Wang Yuelun of Li Xiang, and so on, even Feng Xiaogang, Xufan and Xiao Taohong, Xu E, are on the list. <<<







Among the voices, Fu Desheng Renjing was the most popular one.

Does anybody look confused?

Mentioning the couple, I think of their classic song --"Sweetheart". intimate lover Ren Jing/Fupi-song fluttering for 60 years-a gift to the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China (twenty-fifth episode) With this song, a popular lifestyle of thousands of women was created in that year...

This time, is it that the couple's numerous advertisements in those days are too popular? Fu Desheng, 53, and his 51-year-old wife Ren Jing are singers. He met Ren Jing in 1988. He married Ren Jing the following year. His son, Fu Hoo, was born in August 1992.

In 2003, when the couple participated in "Women Percentage" program, Ren Jing said that they were famous "silly wives" in the circle, while Fu Desheng said that "men are not ashamed of their wives at all".

The couple once said: everlasting is what everyone expects. Happiness is the goal we always pursue, even if there are all kinds of misfortunes and accidents in our life.

This couple of fairy couples are best known for their commercial endorsements, the products of earthing gas and magical slogan, which are impressive, and also make some netizens feel uncomfortable.

Son Fu Hao also began to emerge as an adult in the entertainment industry. In 2011, Fu Hao officially entered the singing world.

Fuhao grew up like this. The longer he grew up, the less like his father?

However, the FuDesheng family has gradually faded out in recent years, and both husband and wife are no longer active. Because of its low profile, it was even once reported that it had cancer.

However, rumors did not affect the lives of their family. Fu Disheng revealed that in his spare time, he liked to write and write songs in his study. Ren Jing is fond of practicing yoga and keeping in good health. Fu Disheng said that they had no extravagant desire for big red and purple, to maintain the current state of life is very good.

As Fu Desheng said, Big Red and Purple is indeed a luxury, and can pray that "Know Your Lover" is more practical for a lifetime. Among the "star couples who will not divorce" mentioned by netizens this time, most of them attach great importance to family. Although Sun Li and Deng Chao seem active, they spend their leisure time with their children in addition to filming.

Sun Li's production has been reduced year after year due to the consideration of career and family. Compared with some actresses who have given birth to children and made N plays a year ago, Sun Li has sacrificed a lot in her career.

while Chen Xiaochun Ying'er, Hu Keshayi and Li Xiangwang Yuelun let the audience see their happy family through the parent-child reality show.

Wherever they go with their babies, the popularity of their children is higher than that of their parents. Such couples are really unlikely to divorce.

Zhang Zhilin Yuan Yongyi showed us their love through the couple's reality show. In fact, even if they did not participate, their love for nearly 30 years has already become a good story in the circle.

During their love affair in the 1990s, there were a lot of lace news about them. Yuan Yongyi was taken care of, and Zhang Zhilin's fantastic news came out in endlessly, but they survived.

In 2006, Yuan Yongyi gave birth to a demon child, and the family of three became happier and happier, and the relationship between husband and wife was unshakable.

However, there are two more interesting couples in "no divorce".

Xu Fan once said in a program that it doesn't matter if a woman sticks on it, because our family men don't suffer, so they just know to go home.


and Xu E was photographed in the same frame with the opposite sex two years ago, Xiao Taohong did not respond, she said that physical derailment was not a matter. <<