Wu Zhuolin's wife wanted to change her red hair for transshipment. She expressed her weakness to Wu Qili in spite of her bitterness.

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Wu Zhuolin's wife wanted to change her red hair for transshipment. She expressed her weakness to Wu Qili in spite of her bitterness.

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Nineteen-year-old Wu Zhuolin is the illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan and Wu Qili. In the past two years, Wu Zhuolin has made a lot of news. On April 6, Wu Zhuolin's Canadian same-sex wife updated INS. Wu Zhuolin's wife shared a new look of herself and wrote: "We're all used to hearing that sometimes you have to do something you don't want to do." But if someone tells you, "Sometimes you have to do something when you feel bad, but this action will make you feel good." If we don't believe in ourselves, we can actually do anything imaginable. Love. "

From Wu Zhuolin's wife Andi's message, it is not difficult to see that their lives seem to be not smooth, or because of the recent life is not satisfactory, so Andi has changed a new hairstyle, and intends to start again! The red hair color is supposed to bring good luck to oneself.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LfPae1kn6"/>p>Wu Zhuolin and his wife Andi returned to Hong Kong on a seemingly unsatisfactory day. They had no job and no stable income, and their lives were very difficult. Previously, there were reports in the media that they could only eat one cigarette together. Before

, Andi took over nail advertising to subsidize households, but there is no latest news recently, and their income has entered the winter again.

Because Wu Qili could not accept Wu Zhuolin's same-sex wife, they could not get along with each other. Wu Zhuolin can only rent a house on his own, but the rent in Hong Kong is so expensive, presumably they are under great pressure. Is it to show weakness to Wu Qili and hope to get Wu Qili's help?

Before that, Wu Qili had not hesitated to call the police again because she had lost contact with Wu Zhuolin. She said that "some people were locked in the house, I am afraid some people were killed", but after the police and firefighters came to the scene to verify the situation, they found that Wu Zhuolin was a false alarm. Contacted.

In the face of Wu Qili's alarm action, Wu Zhuolin was obviously very indifferent, and even later wrote "Aunt went to see a doctor", thinking that Wu Qili's rash action disturbed her neighbors, very embarrassed, so the relationship between mother and daughter is still very rigid.

When the incident broke out, Taiwan media also followed the trend to report on Wu Zhuolin and involved Jackie Chan's wife. According to media reports, Lin Fengjiao was extremely disgusted with Wu Zhuolin. Even after the death of Jackie Chan and Wu Qili, she would not take care of her, believing that the existence of Wu Zhuolin would only spoil Jackie Chan's reputation."

In fact, what Lin Fengjiao said seems to be reasonable, at least for the moment, Wu Zhuolin's various actions are very distracting, and repeatedly let Wu Qili, a very passive mother, and some people say that the wife around her is the culprit.

Since her daughter returned to Hong Kong, Jackie Chan has not mentioned anything about her publicly. It seems that there is no emotional relationship between father and daughter. In the face of Wu Qili's alarm for a daughter, Jackie Chan has not mentioned anything in recent activities.

Last month 30, Jackie Chan played a flash after attending the event, skipped the reporter's questioning link and left the scene. I'm afraid he didn't want to be asked about his daughter publicly.

But Wu Zhuolin is rebellious, but in fact it is pitiful, if it is not such a family environment, maybe she would not be so. Now her situation is still very embarrassing, on the one hand, there is no stable work, on the other hand, the relationship with her parents has been deadlocked, I do not know when such a situation will end.