"Creation Camp 2019" Deli Reba made a stunning appearance, and she did not disappoint when she first arrived.

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"Creation Camp 2019" Deli Reba made a stunning appearance, and she did not disappoint when she first arrived.

2019-04-07 08:02:25 840 ℃

On April 6, the first issue of Creation Camp 2019 was broadcast. Dili Reba, the sponsor of the men's league, wore a black leather suit with cool boots. This made her look like a very strict sponsor. The students were also enthusiastic. Reba, as the sponsor, also addressed the students: Only strength and personality can make you go farther! _________ This is also her life credo as an actress!

The first appearance can be said to be very stressful, but Reba did a good job. She was not nervous and harsh, but also had a sense of mystery. She also carefully prepared gifts for the students. At one time, the atmosphere was so hot that the students listened to the gifts to coax breakfast, food, brain hole was very big, and the curtain was opened in beige uniform, so that the students were amazed!

This stiff uniform gives students a sacred sense of mission! He has a sense of responsibility in his own clothes to show his fans a better side to his family.

When the students really enter the Creation Camp and say goodbye to their relatives and start a new journey, they are really ready. Sitting in their own position, the appearance of Reba at this time is even more beautiful. Her light green jacket and denim half-length skirt reveal long straight legs. With a beautiful red lips, it's better than the dancers in the women's group.

shows Reba dancing with the students, cordial and full. Hand in hand with the students and interact generously, at this time she seems not to be a strict initiator, but their friends can also be called teachers and friends!

Reba also has its own unique views when discussing the issue of students'division. This is Reba's first time to participate in the men's group's founding human variety show, which is also a new arrival, but she is not timid, but as a good teacher to help members! Share with them some of their own experience on the road of acting.

Finally, this is their "first time" for Dili Reba and many students, and the first arrival of Dili Reba is not disappointing, especially when several sets of shapes come out, it is really gorgeous.

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