Has broken up with the third-born father? Cecilia Cheung complains about why she is always single when she goes to the movies

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Has broken up with the third-born father? Cecilia Cheung complains about why she is always single when she goes to the movies

2019-04-07 08:02:28 914 ℃

Recently, some netizens found that one of Wu Jianhao's fans showed a video of Cecilia Cheung watching a movie. In the video, Cecilia Cheung looked at the camera and seemed to be infected by the scenes in the movie. She said in a sobbing tone, "But I don't have anyone I like to watch this movie with me. Why am I always single?"

After the fan aired the video, he also @Wu Jianhao and Cecilia Cheung himself. After watching the video, Cecilia Cheung may have found that Wu Jianhao, who has always had hands better than V in the video, was also amused, so he wrote back to Wu Jianhao that "Wu Jianhao is too amusing to spoil the atmosphere of my singleness".

It is well known that Cecilia Cheung gave birth to a third child some time ago, but in this video Cecilia Cheung said that she was always single, so it seems that Cecilia Cheung has broken up with his third father.

I remember that at the end of 2018, Cecilia Cheung announced the news of her triplets. At that time, she also exposed an animated picture of a four-person family with the accompaniment of "mylove", but in September last year, Cecilia Cheung issued such a passage as "Who were you when you were not accompanied, when you abandoned". Now, Cecilia Cheung has published the news of her triplets. It seems that it can be inferred that when Cecilia Cheung was pregnant, she seemed to be at odds with someone and had to give up. As for who this person was, many netizens speculated that Cecilia Cheung was the third born father.

Earlier, Hong Kong media had also exposed the birth certificate of Cecilia Cheung's triplets. On this birth certificate, it can be found that the birth certificate of the father is blank. It is well known that the birth certificate of the child is not a careless thing, but the birth certificate of Cecilia Cheung's triplets father is blank, which seems to prove once again from the side. Cecilia Cheung's third-born father suspected of breaking up with Cecilia Cheung?

Although I don't know whether it is true or not, there are many special reports on the Internet that Cecilia Cheung has separated from her triplets father. Faced with these reports, Cecilia Cheung has not responded to those reports which may cause emotional discord between Cecilia Cheung and her triplets.

It is worth mentioning that since giving birth to three babies, Cecilia Cheung has not spent much time in recuperating his health, but is anxious to resume work, and even has published many advertisements on social software. She divorced Tingfeng Tse for many years. If she really found a person who loved her, she would never allow Cecilia Cheung to suffer like this. She would surely be well brought up after giving birth to a child, right?

Today's Cecilia Cheung seems to be in a "helpless and isolated" state. I remember that Xie Xian was asked whether he had seen Cecilia Cheung's three sons at the event the previous two days. In the face of reporters'questions, Xie Xian was very unkind to say that "it's none of our family's business". From this point of view, even Xie Xian now has to draw a clear line with Cecilia Cheung? I have to say that Cecilia Cheung's present situation is really distressing!

Along the way, Cecilia Cheung's emotional path is very bumpy, but also hope that Cecilia Cheung's sentence "Why I am always single" is a joke, after all, if she has really broken up with her three-child father, it is too difficult to say a word!

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