Liu Yunxiong or faced with serving a prison sentence for many days without any trace Ganbi still personally took his children out of school.

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Liu Yunxiong or faced with serving a prison sentence for many days without any trace Ganbi still personally took his children out of school.

2019-04-07 08:02:28 756 ℃

Daliu (Liu Yunxiong) has become the focus of media attention, his first half of life I believe many people envy. However, old Liu Yunxiong's body appeared many problems, after major surgery, he began to live in seclusion. On the contrary, when she became the richest woman in Hong Kong, Gambie occasionally attended business dinners and did charity work. She thought her family would spend it in peace. Unexpectedly, Da Liu may have been missing for several days because of a corruption case a few years ago or face a prison sentence, and Gamby still personally took his children out of school.

According to Hong Kong media reports earlier, Daliu was sentenced to more than five years in 2014 because he was suspected of a corruption case in Macao, but Daliu did not attend at that time, and there was no extradition treaty between Hong Kong and Macao, so Daliu had been very comfortable in Hong Kong. But a few days ago, the regulations were amended, and Da Liu may face serving his sentence.

Since being exposed by the Hong Kong media to be likely to serve his sentence, he has not appeared, and I do not know if he is seeking a lawyer for this matter. As for Gambie, she's still showing up. Maybe she's out to "stabilize the army". Recently, a reporter photographed Gambie wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt and braided on the Central Coastal Corridor, which must be protected by bodyguards.

The bodyguard first got out of the car and bought ice cream for Gambie to eat, while Gambie ate ice cream under the protection of the bodyguard.

and then two children from the car, originally a pair of children of Gamby. It seems that Gambie just took the two children out of school and then went here for a visit. In fact, Daliu has finished his family. Gamby and his two children have become big winners. It seems that Daliu still has foresight.

and Gamby has been photographed out more than once in recent days. A few days ago, a reporter also photographed Gamby personally picking up his children from school. Now, at this critical moment, Gambie is easy to show that they have no problem.

Gamby has been showing up these days. She also took pictures with Zheng Xiuwen, Liu Dehua and Gutianle at the dinner last week. Gambie is also beautiful in her evening dress and make-up. She has gone through a lot of things from amusement to being the richest woman.

In addition to attending public dinners, Gamby also maintained attendance at the activities of Liu Yingxiong Charitable Fund. On the one hand, Gamby's appearance is to be charitable, on the other hand, it may be a signal to the outside world.