Huang Xinying's vision on a variety show two years ago was inseparable from Xu Zhian.

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Huang Xinying's vision on a variety show two years ago was inseparable from Xu Zhian.

2019-04-25 21:29:39 1109 ℃

The latest popular entertainment news in Hong Kong should be that Xu Zhian has cheated on Huang Xinying, both of whom have the other half. With the exposure of in-car love affairs, Zheng Xiuwen and Ma Guoming became the focus of attention for a while. Fortunately, Zheng Xiuwen and Ma Guoming both chose low-key treatment. Four of the parties no longer spoke to the outside world, but another unsuccessful Hong Kong man has been speaking for Huang Xinying to let the matter continue to ferment. Hong Kong media today (April 25) released a screenshot of a variety show two years ago, when Huang Xinying's eyes were inseparable from Xu Zhian.

Huang Xinying and Zhi An are very rare in taxi. We should know that both artists dare to kiss and hug in the car. As a matter of fact, just after the affair was exposed, the media found out that the two people had actually known each other for a long time. It is reported that Huang Xinying approached Xu Zhian in the name of fans at the beginning. In fact, when she approached Ma Guoming, she also regarded her boyfriend as an idol.

Then a variety show appeared two years ago. Unexpectedly, Huang Xinying "looked at Xu Zhian differently" at that time:

After the exposure of the out-of-orbit video, all Huang Xinying's works were suppressed by TVB, while a variety show "I Love Hong Kong", originally re-broadcast in the afternoon of the weekend, was also due to the pictures of two parties. Cancel. The host of the variety show is Zeng Zhiwei, while the current guests are Big 4 members Xu Zhian, Zhang Weijian, Su Yongkang and Liang Hanwen. In the Yellow circle, we can see not only Xu Zhian, but also Huang Xinying.

At that time, the game was played by Zhang Weijian and Xu Zhian. Zhang Weijian was responsible for describing it. As for Xu Zhian, we can see that the hand behind Xu Zhian is Huang Xinying.

At that time, Zhang Wei-jian and Xu Zhi-an were laughing, while Huang Xinying was looking at Xu Zhi-an. From her sight, we can see that she was looking at Xu Zhi-an, not Zhang Wei-jian, was there a good feeling at that time? 由于该节目中有黄心颖太过靠近许志安玩游戏的镜头,在现在如此敏感的时刻,TVB为免触动观众的神经而决定腰斩节目。

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