Lai Jiayin boasts that her daughter is a "vanity monster" who likes to show off his star father.

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Lai Jiayin boasts that her daughter is a "vanity monster" who likes to show off his star father.

2019-04-25 21:29:51 1579 ℃

Lai Jiayin's daughter, Xiaobei, is six years old this year. She has not been photographed in the media. Even the back photos we see are from Mrs. Lei, Zhai Xuefei. They protect their children very carefully. But this also represents her real idea. If Xiaobei's wish is followed, she wishes everyone in the world knows that she is Lei Jiayin's daughter.

recently, ray Jiayin was a guest interview program. In the program, she was a variety of Tucao for her daughter, exposing her daughter's vanity and showing off this star dad.

Many popular stars are busy and lack enough companionship and care for their children, as Lu Yu thinks. Lei Jiayin doesn't agree with this view. In his opinion, every parent's way of educating her children will be different. Although there will be some missing parts in her daughter's growing up, she will not lack love for her daughter at all. Love has many ways of expression. He hopes that her daughter will become a good actor. The child is only six years old, and has already planned her life, which is love. In the long run!

Others think Xiaobei is like Lai Jiayin, but he does not think so, because he was quiet when he was young, which also made him start to re-examine his daughter. Speaking of this, without explaining how much the audience will think, Lei Jiayin's explanation is a backward conclusion: acquired personality has become a part of the gene, inherited to the child!

As for the daughter's character, in the words of Regal,'Never stand on her back, never walk through the window', when he comes home, her daughter will come to ask for a kiss on her own initiative, but soon she will make a fuss again, so she will no longer take care of him. There are many programs to find Lei Jiayin, hoping that he and his daughter will participate together, were rejected one by one, although people did not go, but they really want to go, which makes him feel contradictory point, in essence, Lei Jiayin especially hope that the audience can see that his "sons and daughters" are skinny.

>Ray Jiayin also claimed that her daughter was a "vanity monster". When she went to buy clothes with her mother, she would talk to the waiter in the smelly mirror and ask the waiter if she knew Ray Jiayin? That's my dad; if you meet a neighbor in the elevator, you will point to your own door and say, "I'm the family, my dad is Ray Jiayin."

Want to be an artist for her daughter and dig a pit for her again. It's really a potent pit doll! <<