Ever been rated the least photographic actress? Liu Yifei took self-portraits of teenage girls late at night and made friends on Facebook.

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Ever been rated the least photographic actress? Liu Yifei took self-portraits of teenage girls late at night and made friends on Facebook.

2019-04-25 21:29:53 1820 ℃

In the early morning of April 25, Liu Yifei exposed a group of photos on her personal social platform. In the photos, Liu Yifei was in good condition and in good spirits. She took self-portraits with her friend Fang Fang, and was praised as "fairies only open late at night".

triggered a heated discussion about a close-range self-photograph, in which Liu Yifei showed only half of her face, but her skin was delicate and shiny, her expression was lovely, and she was commented by netizens "only 16 years old".

Many fans responded under this dynamic: "My sister will finally self-help!" Why do you say that? This goes back to Liu Yifei's previous self-portraits. Last year's birthday night, Liu Yifei sunned a self-portrait of a drunken and plain face on his personal social platform, which shocked many netizens.

This photo triggered a large-scale discussion among netizens, saying that her face had fallen down from the altar and was no longer the image of "fairy sister" in that year. Some people even pointed out that this is the level of passersby's facial value, which can not be compared with other actresses. As soon as this photo was taken, Liu Yifei's fans left messages asking her not to expose herself to the sun and to treat her fairy face well.

After the drunk photos were sent out, some netizens picked up all kinds of indescribable "fashion clothes" of Liu Yifei in earlier years.

The clothes are dazzling in color, with strange patterns but confident and generous "fluorescent girl" Feifei.

mink coat over knee boots, brand bags carry "township women entrepreneurs" Feifei.

Whatever the match, all the new products in the season are stacked with "fashion girl" Feifei. After that, Liu Yifei became a spokesman for the high-profile "blind shooters" and "blind dressers". This high-quality photograph inevitably surprised fans.

In addition to Liu Yifei, there are also several stars with high self-portraits, but self-portraits make people "heartbreak". "Big Brother" Lei Jiayin is one of them. The correct facial features in his own lens have become such a "social youth" image, or he shoots better. Xiao/p>

"Sexy Goddess" Shu Qi is often photographed with swollen and reddish face because of the allergic skin on her face, but she herself does not shy away from it. She suns herself generously during the allergic period and surprises fans.

and Hu Song, which is popular in suits and shoes, elite image. His self-portrait is also a self-portrait that makes people "withdraw from three houses"

these self-portraits are far less than the stars he took. They are called "self-portrait debris flow" in the self-portrait world.

Actually, star's personal social platform is also a place for them to communicate with the public. It is also a kind of courage and courage to face the public calmly and show their true self without modification.