Li Wei’s daughter is in a good mood, wearing a big show outside the underwear, and her mother’s havin

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Li Wei’s daughter is in a good mood, wearing a big show outside the underwear, and her mother’s havin

2019-08-07 00:33:10 1448 ℃

Li Wei and Havin’s daughter, Fatuma, have always been fashionable. Although the small law of the younger looks like a general, but the female university has changed eighteen, now she is more and more beautiful at the age of 17. On August 6th, Fatuma shared a set of holiday photos, and the shape was as avant-garde as ever.

The small method treats the photos into black and white tones, and the temperament is more noble. Black navel vest with loose jeans, black shawl, and a full-fledged goddess.

Previously, Xiaofa often took selfies in the bathroom, and the clothes were bold. This time, she wore underwear and the vest design was very chic. The look of the bow was particularly impressive.

When Li Wei was sick, his wife, Havin and his daughter, Fatuma, accompanied him to heal in the United States. After Li Wei’s death, Xiaofa still stayed in the United States. At the age of 17, she is versatile, publishes books, is a director, and actively participates in school activities. When she is on vacation, she will travel everywhere. I don't know if it was affected by the death of my father. Fatumu's social platform profile reads: Timely fun.

From the background picture, she should be in Japan right now.

Just last week, Xiaofa also shared photos of the same series, presumably this time I took a lot of inventory.

Before Li Wei’s death and shortly after his death, Xiaofa shared his self-portrait beauty photos on social platforms. At one time, he was provoked by netizens. Many people think that the behavior of Xiaofa is very unfilial. The clothes I wear are not in line with her age. However, Havin does not think so, every time her daughter shares photos, she will be the first to praise, this time, Havin forwarded Xiaofa's Weibo, and also sent a flower, showing that her daughter is her pride.

Netizens have praised Xiaofa for his good shape and his appearance has concentrated on the advantages of his parents. As always, Havin interacted with the netizens in the comment area. It seems that the mother and daughter have already gone out of the haze, and Li Wei will feel more comfortable in the Spirit of Heaven.