Inventory "there is a friendship" of the "three people""

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Inventory "there is a friendship" of the "three people""

2016-07-21 01:08:02 622 ℃

Hello, short tail too. I am little infants. Today to give us an inventory of the entertainment circle of a friendship, the three line!"

In the arena to have several friends, or who gave you the toilet toilet paper. What's more, in the friendship boat, turn over the entertainment. But there are so many stars who like to make three people, I and you better, I and he is better. It is the saying: the three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher? (what a ghost?) Fairy son always feel that people will have a fall into the water, the US for star greatly exercise a little heart to see who is the most understand you that.

Wallace Huo-Hu Ge-Yuan Hong

Holding "is not Hu Huo, CP fans Huo hiding" Huhuo banner Hu Ge recently is not broken. With the approaching marriage of Wallace Huo Ruby Lin, Hu Ge again pushed the hot search. A program after a lapse of empty word set two people about five years, say five years after each other single think go Hu some time ago is still Wallace week and. Can we receive the invitation! I left empty and a face Meng X.

And Hu and a friend is Yuanhong, compared with Wallace's play due to become attached to, Yuan Hong and Hu Ge is childhood friendship. Two people as early as in the play is a good base for the friends of the. Hearsay classmate broke the news at that time Yuan Hong three meters will see Hu Ge, Hu Ge three meters will see Yuan Hong. After Hu Ge died in a car crash accident, Yuan Hong in the movie, all the people are afraid to tell Yuan Hong Hu Ge accident, Yuan Hong again to call the person in charge, the results were not answering his phone, then Yuan Hong was anxious to play, not to pat to ask Hu Ge how, we see her tell he, Yuan Hong knew after a man squatting in the Hengdian lake, how could again say how likely; then Yuan Hong called his mother, Hu Ge said the accident, then say no more, after the mother of the interview said, Yuan Hong no matter outside how hard, when to call home don't cry, that's the only time except...... Although the sounds that the eight stalls Romance Drama, can it is a basis can be found. At the same time, shortly before Hu Ge more down work traveled to Germany in the Yuanhong zhangxinyi wedding served as best man, visible two people friendship.

Tang Yan-Yang Mi-Liu Shishi

The same group of three Chinese popular at that time, Liu Shishi and the great power of power is not from everywhere. Two people to participate in various activities, micro-blog, the program is also frequent interaction. And in "Paladin" after the shooting, Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Yang Mi, Liu Shi, such as many friends had also together go on holiday in Egypt, when in addition to Yang Mi three per capita is Tang film and television actor, so Yang Mi can set foot on this trip is also visible the friendship does not in general. Later, Yang Mi and Liu Shi has relied on the "Palace" and "startling step by step" successful host A-list of promotion, media habits are will two people brought as a comparison, Shi Shi and Yang Mi also unconsciously become rivals. Now the interaction between the two obvious implicit official a lot.

The same wedding see friendship, large power power wedding, Tang Yan to Bridesmaid identity appear, the bouquet is Yang Mi personally deliver into the hands of the Tang Yan. Why fairies always wrote the wedding? (is it I want to get married?) Because of this, after all, is a major event in life, if you hard to save a marriage bureau, it is hoped that your good friend support and witness! Tang Yan also worked in micro-blog said Yang Mi is his good bestie.Is also suffering from the media broke the news two "falling out" and other rumors, Yang Mi is in the interview program recently clarification, said the relationship between the two remains the same, often contact, often with various deep grilled relationship gossip for music. The relationship is still very strong.

Wu Yifan -William Chan -Li Yifeng

Beauty is the age, how can not mention these popular generation. However, in the cause of the rise of the three may not have so much energy to operate their own and peer connections, the relationship is not so clear.

Since the "Gujian" hot Li Yi Feng and Chen Weiting, was known to the audience after, two people propaganda is brotherhood full, Li Yi Feng is fully open its own jiaocao national era, into the ranks of the man of God. At the same time returned Wu Yifan also bring their own fans with the topic, and Chen Weiting cooperative advertising befriends, also invited Chen Weiting in their album cameo appearances.

Also Li Yi Feng and Wu Yifan together in the possession of the film "old gun" starred and cooperates with Feng Xiaogang, but two people in the propaganda is different with Chen Weiting natural, some a spark it is often various gossip comparisons. So the three relationship is all by you many sister brain. But after the three development road is still long, fairies and everyone to wait.

He Jiong-Sheenah-Li Xiaoran

On the three may be far fetched, but indeed, fairy 'focus is not on the teacher He Jiong. He Jiong and Xie Na, a discerning eye to see out, xiena also repeatedly said he Jiong is very important in her life, not only is her friend to her chances and help people, what the teacher is about fancy xiena unique talent and temperament so highly of her, protect her. Two of them are really rare fairies eyes good friends.

At the same time, Sheenah and Li Xiaoran are also good sisters for many years. But this also let xiena online received a netizen Tucao shelled her ingratitude, the original is Li Xiaoran and Xu Jianing wedding xiena did not attend, only Bo's blessing. Year's Sheenah or Liu Ye's girlfriend, Li Xiaoran and Sheenah belong to a broker, very early on the. Beijing, is living in the home of Li Xiaoran. Sheenah also wrote in the book he was in Li Xiaoran's home by the VIP treatment, before bed it was bubble rose tea, someone rushed to get up early." Sheenah married Li Xiaoran is down to work for Sheenah to be a bridesmaid.

Zhao Wei-Carina Lau Faye Wong

Zhao Wei does not write the event with vigour and vitality, are easy to beep. However, talking about the friendship of diva, fairy son and can not help but sigh, 2013 Vicki cross-border director pat "Youth", Faye Wong noises.then sang the theme song of the same name. At the end of the movie a hit, "Youth" song is a classic. Faye Wong is indeed too lazy, from her hair on a song has been nearly a year. Some people say that, if not Zhao Wei, Faye Wong is not coming out again. Two people met in the movie "Zhao Wei" was probably none such under heaven, as now, for the flag event of trouble. Zhao Wei and Faye Wong get along with less time to get along, but also become a friend. Later, Zhao Wei hit the trough, Faye Wong also repeatedly to encourage. So it can be said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

At the same time Faye Wong and Carina Lau are friends for many years. Recently, Carina Lau birthday party invited flew from Beijing to Faye Wong, also did not forget to play laugh her: "which guest want to come on stage to sing, casually, singer friend more welcome, if my friend will automatically for me to sing, but some friends even if I asked her to sing, she did not sing, as Faye Wong." At the same time also said that invited Faye Wong is very troublesome, also can not ask him to degree, and then can not come, let Carina Lau for this tucao. But to see the way Carina Lau readily, also very care about Faye Wong, as she considered. Remember the biography of Faye Wong, Faye Wong about such a sentence, said he and Ka-ling is a person in orbit. In fact, they have something in common, from the mainland to Hong Kong Development and was accepted by Hong Kong society, temperament is outspoken, love to play mahjong Buddhist. No wonder Faye Wong often introduced her to her good friend.

In fact, fairy view friendship really do not give who see, so maybe there are many we do not know the star has the story of friendship. Last offer not three people, friendship, according to collection of microblogging users found Sicong to support forest update recent movies, the Wanda studios, micro replacement for forest regeneration of avatar, visible Crestron husband eyes is always water net red little wife, unshakable update Na......