Chen Xiao Michelle Chen wedding, wedding ceremony with hand inventory star, which of CP have taste?

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Chen Xiao Michelle Chen wedding, wedding ceremony with hand inventory star, which of CP have taste?

2016-07-21 01:15:12 1236 ℃

The return of the Condor Heroes of Yang Guo in waiting maid sixteen years was able to meet, in reality, "aunt" and "son" spent sixteen months Xiucheng Zhengguo.

In July 5th, Chen Xiao's birthday and Michelle Chen licensing of marriage. Happiness, joy Michelle Chen announced at micro-blog, "" just dropped a sweet atomic bomb!

Today the wedding was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake "," Yan Xi "homophonic is also well intentioned!

Water stage in romantic fantasy, invitation handwritten text, Chen design of double C logo, and with careful selection of hands for the gift of all child cry a single dog.

The bridesmaids color value is also a new high so

A Jiao beauty spirit!

You know, as a buy buy small experts, I focus on the focus is not just a lively wedding scene! Today, the baby to make painstaking efforts to give you a pa pa star wedding souvenir, a look at which of CP grade!

Ordinary people send candy is just a kind of festivity, generally relatively simple, so we have

There is such a you

And ordinary people are different, and now the stars are put with the hand as a show of courtesy, from the hand of the choice can also be seen in the taste and style of the star couple.

Chen Xiao & Michelle Chen: the heart sweet fried type

On the box pattern from Chen hand, two people with surnames beginning with C is a diamond even together, a symbol of two closely linked, to be affiliated. Invitations two snuggle Bunny is designed by Michelle Chen, why use rabbit? Because Chen Xiao is a rabbit, is not by the thousand crit, why no one koala is!!

By star surgeon, this ceremony with hand foot can be called the history of the intentions of, everywhere details are revealed two people usually pay great attention to detail, always put each other into the heart. In the double C of souvenir, we can see that have Jurlique rosewater, Ferragamo perfume, Claus Porto perfumed soap, air seemed filled with a sweet taste. And may be because of the baby's sake, Michelle Chen, Chen Xiao and his wife to remind us to wash their hands often talk about the health of wood there?

Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy: full of childlike love type

Please most of the entertainment circle, is said to spend nearly 2 hundred million of the Yellow Sect and baby century wedding souvenir is what? Hao since Needless to say, look at the parade will know. The mobile phone custom lettering, on the Internet has been speculation over 1W price.

The candy box printed on the cover of two cartoon image, Meng Meng Da feel, childlike. The cookies and cakes are made by the disabled.

Wedding also do not forget the public service, you can see that the two are very caring and very warm.

Jielun & Kunling: dreamy girl type

There has been a "small public cite" said I Lun's wedding hanging in the European castle held, because from his childhood longing for the wedding is Princess Castle, the fairy tale style, distressed Kunling 100.

Even with the hand over ceremony bride cake is a tender pink, I believe that Jay and Kunling usually beauty shopping in a particular conversation.

Yang Mi Hawick Lau: people money type

FERRERO ROCHER with its approachable price has become a new favorite brand, in many ordinary people can often see the wedding. Hawick Lau Yang Mi's wedding chose FERRERO ROCHER as a partner, partial popularity, the package is not particularly customized and so on.

But the web is accused of Yang Mi of candy is divided into 369, in micro Bo is drying out Yang Mi candy 20 grains, 8, 2 capsules and tablets installed. Small koala could not help but want to say this is awkward., but can also be seen usually two people should be to carefully before the day of the Lord.

Nicky Wu Liu Shishi: romantic story

A Mulan hairpin, Siye and "if the Xi" an enduring love also opens the Wu and Liu Shi happiness in life.

With hand gift is mainly chocolate and perfume skin care, very texture!

Liyan Tong & Chen Sicheng: generous nouveau riche type

Tongliya and Chen Sicheng in Tahiti wedding was traced to spend 15 million, Hao was no longer trench, this point from two wedding ceremony with hand can also see, a value thousands of yuan of CASIO self artifact, usually two people must be very generous and heroic spirit, tyrant, we hand over a friend ~

Xun Zhou & Gao Shengyuan: fresh art type

Speaking of literature and art, Xun Zhou said second, no one dared to call the first entertainment. Pu Shu, Jia Hongsheng, Dou Peng, a glimpse of Xun Zhou's former boyfriend on the list can be seen fast brother has been in the pursuit of literature and art on the road.

Zhou Xun and high with hand ceremony is the Gardenia scented candles, full of literary flavor, two people usually candle wrote promises don 't come (commitment is not easy), it is in line with the fast brother all the way along the journey.

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