Guo Jingming walks the yuan brand from head to foot

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Guo Jingming walks the yuan brand from head to foot

2016-07-21 01:15:31 715 ℃

This year, entertainment actors to significantly higher simply do not fold means, even at the expense of fraud. But the height of absolute not the cause of the success of the decisive factor. For example, we played a fourth master Guo, hands in his pockets, 45 degree angle looking at the sky, full posture, gas field full two meters eight.

Of course, there is an old saying that good, people rely on clothes horse on the saddle, to reflect the aura, strong mind is not enough, we must have strong financial resources. Look at his T-shirt logo, the little devil, Fendi! There is this small bag, needless to say, the earth people know, donkey card! The sunglasses, the pants, the shoes, although 5 elder brother is a rough man, big know not much, but according to the character of Grandpa four, it must be is the money to wear on the body, the body filled with four characters, Daddy!

Siye was born writer, though later and when the director what, but overall, or a worker behind the scenes, but popularity never than meat are low, take a trip to Beijing actually there are several fans went to the airport, Guo stopped one by one for all signatures, is all the way the fans with pictures, the he successfully sent to the car, still waving white said. Hey, how he hasn't gone you go, so refuse, not back, whether or not the pro fans?

Detective Zhao Wuer, when Grandpa four fans really happy, without racking their brains to send gifts, anyway, send not he bought expensive, exclusive coverage.

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