Hou Yaowen died four years after the dispute was just buried, Guo Degang expressed support for the old daughter.

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Hou Yaowen died four years after the dispute was just buried, Guo Degang expressed support for the old daughter.

2016-07-20 22:15:08 1288 ℃

On June 23, 2007, Chinese famous comic writer Hou old gentleman died, due to go all of a sudden, with is treatment of inheritance disputes, the daughter Hou Zan is with brother Hou Yaowen Hou court, master although before numerous disciples, but dare stand up to speak on behalf of when old Mr. daughter only Guo Degang people! But because of this dispute Mr. Hou Yaowen's coffin in 4 years was finally laid to rest. What the hell is going on?

In simple terms, Hou Yaowen died after their heritage should give two daughters, but Murphy is the heritage brought their own preservation, saying he wanted to wait until Hou Jia little girls grow up to dispose of the property, but it is worth discussing, Hou Yaowen died two years later, Murphy never took the initiative to invite two successor count, sequestration remains. There is no intention to distribute the remaining inheritance to the two heirs. But rose garden villa in numerous value extraordinary items are Guo Xiao and his wife away, cattle Chengzhi is removed Hou name pen bank deposits, these behavior let Hou Zan a paper pleadings will be three reports on the court.

But this is only one version of, said Murphy is because his brother is put cuckold gas however, Hou ex-wife Yin yuan after the divorce unexpectedly with his disciple daizhicheng walk to arrive together, the cuckold can not endure, and now hou Yaowen died, heritage if divided up for small daughter that is cheap to brother wear cuckold the couple. When things are so much trouble, both sides argued Murphy had expressed said "I do it to the heart, the heart put in the middle, God will see."

And as Hou disciple Guo Degang in this matter supports two master's daughter, said "I would like to support my sister, I will also testify." That is to say, in the inheritance disputes, Guo Degang is standing on the old designate two daughters, and rose garden had many precious items missing, Guo Degang is bluntly: eat my spit out my! In the tone of the dark.

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