Kaige Chen wife Chen Hong photo exposure the first mainland beauty really old

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Kaige Chen wife Chen Hong photo exposure the first mainland beauty really old

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Figure / text: Jun Jun

Chen Hong is very beautiful, beautiful and amazing, or when Kaige Chen will not abandon so virtuous and the choice of Chen Hong Ni Ping. Chen Hong was known as China's first beauty. Chen Hong, born in 1968 in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, graduated from the Department of performance, Shanghai Theater Academy. Chen Hong is a well-known actress in film and TV circles China, she is also the first generation of China Qiong Yao girl". Chen Hong's parents are intellectuals, who have a good family education. Chen Hong from an early age to show the art of the day, from primary school she is the backbone of the school of literature and art, high school served as the school's Student Union minister of literature and art. In 1986, Chen Hong was admitted to the Department of performance at the Shanghai Theater Academy, and was assigned to the Beijing Youth Art Theatre after graduation. In 1985 the first movie "spring" announced the debut here.

In 1989, Chen Hong starred in the TV series "a dream of Red Mansions", which plays.

In 1991, TV series of "Three Kingdoms", as Chinese four beauty Diao Chan, from fame. In 1993, TV series "meihuasannong", as Wang Zixuan. In 1998, TV series "Palace", as Princess taiping. Because of beauty, Chen Hong quickly established a foothold in the entertainment circle.

It is said that the "green river grass" He Qing's role was originally Chen Hong. But Chen gave up this film, but Chen is still affected by Qiong Yao's favor, and soon find her film "Shuiyun", Chen play seems silly elder sister like Wang Zixuan.

Later, Chen Hong with the open situation, prompting many producers in Taiwan have come to please her film. Since then, Chen Hong took the "lock" Paris smoke Qiong yao.

In 2000, Chen Hong in the "brilliant spring pig" as the fairy moon, other fairies dressed fluttering, beauty is stifling. Chen Hong family education is very good, but also looks too beautiful, in the modern and ancient costume between the free switch, often by the media as a "360 degrees no dead", "the mainland's first beauty", "the first ancient costume beauty" title.

1996, Chen Hong and Kaige Chen married, Kaige Chen Chen Hong 16 years old. After marriage, Chen Hong gave birth to two sons in the United States. After Chen gradually from the stage into the background, in Chen Kaige directed teleplay "Lv Bu and Diao Chan", Chen for the first time as a producer. After Chen is served as "very", "Mei" and "orphan", TV drama "Lv Bu and Diao Chan", "with you in together, total production of identity. Chen Hong also from the scene before the big beautiful woman in transition to the behind the housekeeper.

Time flies, when Chen Hong appeared in front of the public again, after the exposure of Su Yan, the former beauty has been covered with wrinkles on the cheek.

Chen Hong's value is absolutely second to none, no one comparable to, but the years are relentless, beautiful women can not afford the years of destruction.

By the end of 2015, Chen once appeared on the scene 70th anniversary, interviews, nearly 50 years of Chen, wearing a green striped jacket, round face double chin significantly. Talking about Chen Hong, Chen Kaige, the romance, Chen revealed that Chen Kaige's life is very romantic, "romance I can with eighteen years of his life?" Because romantic and exquisite cuisine Chen Kaige successfully won the beauty Chen, visible food can indeed be tied to a man and a woman's heart ah!

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