Dou Jingtong tattoo like beard, William Chan lines with baby! There are stories behind the stars.

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Dou Jingtong tattoo like beard, William Chan lines with baby! There are stories behind the stars.

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But welcome forwarded to the circle of friends ~ ~ Da

Nili "husband" Dou Jingtong a bit busy recently, come out of the closet a storm just calm down, a few days ago was users take to experience life in a coffee shop in Li Yapeng, turned shop of coffee prince ".

From the photos in my little sister found that Tongtong work is quite serious, not only constantly smiling, will bend down to listen carefully to the customer's requirements.

But the focus of the netizens don't seem to have the service attitude, I believe sharp eyed readers have already seen, wayward Tongtong and have a new tattoo.

The latest photos show, Maria Tung chin on a straight line and a black mouth matched, directly connected to the clavicle. It is reported that Dou Jingtong's this tattoo is known as the death of the wind straight line.

Dou Jingtong the tattoo has always been netizens hot focus, has also been a manifestation of Tong Tong "boyfriend" and personality, but for this "death wind" line, the majority of users has said appreciate incompetence.

Some people say that they can't believe it's a tattoo.

Some people say that does not look good, or worried that one day tired of watching

Of course, also won a lot of fans, "said cool".

There are users of the brain hole open, guess tattoo can be used to take a positive picture when you can check the head with no distortion".

It is said that Maria Tung in the first run time to tattoo, mother Faye Wong said to her: "as long as you do not regret it". Don't forget that Faye Wong himself is a tattoo. That year and Nicholas Tse love with vigour and vitality when, in the spine at the end of a bone lines "firewing flying" to commemorate the love of two people. Until now this tattoo on, Nicholas also said that he said will never erase it.

The Faye Wong midfielder tattoo

The young girl felt tattoo kind of thing, how outsiders say is not important, still have to make yourself happy, of course, tattoos can reveal personality, let a person photographic or ring rice weapon.

Edison elder brother this picture should be very famous ~ him in the arm tattoo "Hi, Mom", all of a sudden will be her naughty boy's image become lovely and soft.

There are men of God Beckham, 40 at the tattoos.

So that the male god in the ins show a new tattoo of the picture, the user's attention is "how can you find a place in the body tattoo ah?""

Although Beckham tattoo, but every one has its own story.

Like his love for the seven princess overflow screen, a lot of it is reflected in the tattoo -

In the lines near the collarbone, Beckham: Pretty Lady and Harper

Beckham had seven graffiti has tattooed on the palm of your hand, it is to put our seven princess held in the palm of the rhythm.

Most of the tattoo is a witness of love, Nicholas Tse's ex-wife Cecilia Cheung body tattoo has 20, including the buttocks and private parts.

Is most known for her leg tattoos "CCN", this is she and Nicholas Tse love markers (Cecilia Cheung's English name is Cecila Cheung and Nicholas Tse is Nicolas) now it seems really is lets the human sob.

"Sunshine man" Lu Yi always give you the image of a good husband, a good father, Lu after the wedding to attend major occasions when, media reporters photographed chest tattoo looming, subsequently admitted that it was he and his wife "love tattoo.

Lu Yi on the body of the pattern explained: "because I belong to the rabbit, Bao Lei is a dragon, there is an old saying that China is called the Dragon dish, the Dragon rabbit to the plate." It is also a good tattoo up sister skills, the Qixi Festival nearly, you can also learn it.

Say, William Chan and Angelababy have had a couple of tattoos.

Three baby body known tattoo, the most special is the waist cross tattoos. It is said that this tattoo is a symbol of her love with her ex boyfriend, William, in the early years of the two exchanges in the abdomen below the same position of the respective lines a tattoo.

But now two people have each have a home, the tattoo is also in the Baby body mysteriously disappeared.

Of course, the tattoo can simply be in order to beautiful, baby later pattern of this cherry shaped pattern, it was once a girl who touted the same paragraph".

"The most beautiful performance in the" national "lover" in Hu Ge's body tattoo is to steal the spotlight, attracted numerous fans sister lick the screen.

But it is said that only one of these tattoos is true, that is located in the left back of the two people tattoo, the two men is Hu Ge's parents. Although Hu Ge is in love with friends Tucao show, but she felt it's filial piety.

But the tattoo is not what can be to grain, without knowing the specific cultural background, some tattoos may the embarrassing.

After all, our Chinese culture is broad and profound.

For this, I say you, Justin Bieber you in this spot "," a few mean ah

"Senza Rimipianti Vivere" in Italian for "life without regret". Hayden Panettiere will this sentence pattern in the body side, probably want to be as the creed of life bar. Unfortunately, the word "Rimipianti" wrong. It seems to be a temperament of literature and art, read more books is absolutely necessary.

Above a few tattoos though flawed, but the font or graceful appearance, Nicki Minaj I want to ask you, the crooked words and "God be with you always in" is in trouble which it?

Goddess Angelina Julie also stepped on mine, before the left shoulder on a "dead" word.

Later, may be feeling wrong, with the laser to remove the cover with the Buddhist scriptures.

But most of the tattoos are beautiful.

Tattoos are required to meet their own temperament, such as black widow Scarlett Johnson before seems to be to pattern of lines like insignia on the body, but do not know tattooists are not to play a joke with her, to see how the lines out of the effect of are children painting bottle cover, full of violations and sense.

But little sister think, black and white photos in the younger sister is still very sexy ~ (it seems to have offended the photographer ah)

See so many positive materials and opposite teaching material, little sister still feel, tattoo in a risk, start must be careful ah ~ people are generally not too unconventional the, after all, this is a look at the face of the era (coco)

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