The "conspiracy theory" and "anti conspiracy" to compete, Zhao Wei said the number of events

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The "conspiracy theory" and "anti conspiracy" to compete, Zhao Wei said the number of events

2016-07-21 01:35:15 1138 ℃

In the past and a half months, Zhao Wei deeply Taiwan independence artist storm. Her new film, "no other love" actors, Director Leon Dai was questioned for pro independence, had insulted China behavior of Japanese artists mizuhara Kiko also included in the list of actors, cause netizens to denounce. A hubbub of "Zhao Wei event", by accused enabled independence, insult Chinese actor, the evolution of Zhao Wei personal abuse and attacks, on the politics, capital circle between hook even guess.

Once the "little swallow", is how to step into the storm? Today's headlines for you this big data interpretation is half a month to abandon Zhao Wei.

One, Zhao Wei event and the same period of hot events

The same period in the Zhao Wei event,South China Sea arbitration case, the French National Day nice attack, the coup in TurkeyHave occurred, the situation in the turbulent world, "Zhao Wei incident" has attracted much attention? We compared the four events of the heat trend:

Two, Zhao Wei event in the public opinion changes

As can be seen from the graph, the overall concern of the "Zhao Wei incident" in two weeks to rise. There are two peaks, respectively, in July 7th and July 16th. The corresponding events are forwarded, micro-blog and Leon Dai, the Communist Youth League long Mizuhara Kiko's apology.

General narrativeThe amount of entries, such as reading independence, shame China, replaced, film is always higher than the biased color words.Anti conspiracy natureandNature of conspiracyThe entry is almost the same heat rise and fall and fall - ting Zhao Zhao's public opinion "to be roughly the same, each one sticks to his argument. In the first half of the incident, the nature of the plot was slightly higher than the nature of the anti conspiracy nature, to the latter part of the anti conspiracy nature of the heat gradually catch up. After July 16th, the overall heat of the event decreased, the anti conspiracy nature of the heat is always slightly higher than the plot of the nature of the plot, and the attenuation rate is the slowest of the three.

The biggest feature of the whole event ispublic opinionChaos, pluralism and free fermentation.

A July 6thCentral Committee of the Communist Youth League official micro forwarding, Ban Ki Moon, "Zhao Wei, Leon Dai and & lt; no other love & gt; why being users generally condemned the suppression"

B July 11thZhao Wei positive response to the incident, but some users are dissatisfied with the public opinion heat rise again.

C July 13thNetwork transmission Zhao Wei "malicious" attacks to discredit "Hello World Wide Web" responsible person Wu Leshui and his wife Wanhui, and will Wu Leshui persecuted and tortured to death.

D July 14thUsers raked out Vicki had to give fans a child named "Water Music", and has the same name as Wu Leshui dead; military flag, freemasonry and rhetoric

E July 15th"No other love" crew replaced Leon Dai, Zhao Wei forwarded a statement to apologize to the users.

F July 15thLeon Dai micro-blog explained that the user is considered evidence of Taiwan independence and apology.

G July 16thMizuhara Kiko released a video to explain the shame China event and apologize.

Three, Zhao Wei event in the relevant figures

Leon Dai-- one of the heroes of the event.

Huang Long- Zhao Wei's husband, becoming one of the target users

Little April- micro-blog hot search on the small April, was referred to as he is not on the hot search, control other people on the hot search"

Kiko Mizuhara-- one of the heroes of the event.

Jack Ma-- Zhao Wei was accused of using Ma Yun's relationship with the capital to manipulate the public opinion.

Leah Dou-- Mizuhara Kiko's good friend, after the event has emptied the micro-blog to show support

Central Communist Youth League- Administrative micro-blog forwarding questioned Zhao Wei casting a long article, after allegedly manual delete

Four, Zhao Wei event in the comments of the word cloud users

Five, concerned about the Zhao Wei event user age distribution

Six, where people are concerned about the Zhao Wei incident?

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