Entertainment real case, to explore the strength of the actors in the end it is important?

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Entertainment real case, to explore the strength of the actors in the end it is important?

2016-07-21 01:39:16 578 ℃

This year the mainland entertainment popularity, spend ceaseless emerge in large numbers, ultra-high popularity and superior to the topic of discussion, super heavy news heat, brought about by the commercial value of advertising, film at the box office value, driven by top fashion magazines pre-sale volume, high TV ratings that today's mainland entertainment in a thriving trend

However, in bringing these positive significance, at the same time, many network platform in filed a high popularity, flowers, praise and bickering soar, fans were spot color. Acting and popular which is more important? Which will be a support for an actor to go to the end of the long term technology? This is the next floor, mainly with the fans of the big brothers are discussed. Welcome to the comment area and I exchange oh!

In view of a group of people, as an actor, acting is your survival, if an actor acting is not good, you even in less than actors, take acting to talk is what you should do! Otherwise you starred in the film is sodden piece, TV show is destroy drama, the participating role will be defiled, starred in the popular novels must be destroyed!! Acting is not good to say what is wrong!

Is there any truth in the above remarks? With reason!!! Extreme? Extreme!!! Do you agree with that? Partial identification...... Is that as long as there is a acting actor will certainly go to the end?

Believe feel in the above a last question a lot of people a certain and the landlord as answer yes my idiocy, answer no behind the words began to add but... Have you? Good acting will support an actor to go to the end? The landlord's answer is indeed negative! In the entertainment circle of the acting good many go, the building lord give a few chestnuts, welcome to refute. For example: comfortable and Zihan Chen two people!

Are they acting good? The answer, of course, is certain, as well as certain!!!! But till now in addition to Yao Yao of the Sansheng III ten peach blossom, comfortable guest "kill celestial being", the remaining chenzihan inside the garbage drama play soy sauce, Ren Quan is is how the screen Shangshang faceless!!! Of course, fans can tell us all reason, because of personality, because of love, because the commercial, because all of the other, but there is no denying the fact is we have less and less in the television see them, in their out of the entertainment and entertainment also eliminated them.

If really need only acting to go without considering other, they this a few acting you given now may reach coffee. Even with Zhou Jie's acting expression package you give now possible a coffee. Now do you still think acting is everything???????????

If an actor even the most basic to let the audience know that he / she can not do, then the audience how to see your acting. Know -- Understanding -- identity -- popularity. Some actors have finished the process with a play, one is called: Hu Ge + Li Xiaoyao

And then in the time after the auxiliary to slowly hone the acting, with another play to consolidate the process of another that is: Hu Ge + Mei Long Su

So now, Hu song in this position his stand firmly Dangdang, walk leisurely and calmly, because in the eyes of the audience has recognized him, it is not just Li Xiaoyao and Chang Mei Su, of course, under a great characters believe they can afford.

And another actor, after perfect know this step is a big stride reached peak of popularity, began his lone understanding and recognition of the road, very difficult and lonely, from 2007 to 14 years, he the perfect interpretation of the high popularity for a complete entertainment rookie in the way of equipment and how important it is.