Chen Xiaoda married Michelle Chen, "the strongest in the history of the bridesmaids" released, Ruby Lin refused the bridesmaids

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Chen Xiaoda married Michelle Chen, "the strongest in the history of the bridesmaids" released, Ruby Lin refused the bridesmaids

2016-07-21 01:41:23 3168 ℃

In July 19th, Chen Xiao married Michelle Chen, held a wedding in Beijing yanqi. Even the hotels are selected so meaningful, Yanqi (Yan Xi)!

Chen Xiaohe Michelle Chen starred in "genuine" in The legend of Condor Hero acquaintance, then sweet love. Play Yang Guo waiting maid sixteen years before the end with her aunt again, Chen chenyanxi off screen with 16 months will fix the number of marriage.

Previously, Chen chenyanxi wedding bridesmaids has been known to history of Yan value highest users attracted media speculation about whether what beautiful actress to receive this title.

The wedding ceremony, the Groomsmen and bridesmaids finally exposed.

Headlining Joe Chen, Zhong Xin Tong, Hu Bingqing, Yuan Ziyun, Freya, Andrea "history on the most beautiful Bridesmaid group" dressed in a pink dress uniform, the Groomsmen is by Chenxiang, Zheng Guolin, zhe Han Zhang, Wang Maolei, Feng Qilong, He Fengtian. Let us look at is known as "the most beautiful bridesmaids!

Joe Chen

Gillian Chung


Three are the beauties of the circle, as to whether Michelle Chen claimed in the "history of the most beautiful bridesmaids" on the questionable. Let us look at the other stars of the bridesmaids!

In March 30, 2016, Bao Wenjing, Babel held a wedding in Bali Island. The bridesmaids members are Liu Yan, Xinyi Zhang, Mo Xiaoqi, Jia Ling, Wang Ou.

In March 20, 2016, Nicky Wu married Liu Shishi, was cast and crew contracted the bridesmaids!

The evening of January 21, 2016, Li Mao and a wedding in Beijing, Jiang Kaitong, Jiang Mengjie, Mu Yi Shan bridesmaids etc..

In December 28, 2015, Myolie Wu and her boyfriend Li Chengde (Philip) wedding bridesmaids, Mei Mei da.On 8 August 2015, Li Xiaoran and Xu Jianing in Brussels held a secret wedding, and Yan value moderately actress Zhong Xin Tong, Cherrie Ying, Zhu Dan is light purple dress served as maid of honor.

January 17, 2015, Jay and Kunling in Britain Selby church wedding, the actress sun Rui,, as their bridesmaid.

December 7, 2013, the Olympic champion Liu Xuan and Wang Tao in Hong Kong Cruise held romantic wedding at sea, Mo Huilan, Xuejianing served as maid of honor.

In January 8, 2014, Yang Mi Hawick Lau held a wedding in Bali Island, bridesmaid is the bride's best bestie Tang Yan.

In May 5, 2012, Taiwan artists, duo S.H.E Ella and Malaysia businessman boyfriend Rice Xiang wedding held in Taipei. S.H.E members of the Hebe led the bridesmaids.

On June 29, 2014, not the Old Lady Vivian and Mr. Li Yunfeng in Bali weddings, bridesmaids invited led to our circle of friends.

July 5th is really a good day. After Michelle Chen announced the licensing and the news of the pregnancy, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo will hold the wedding also will open. According to reports, 36 year old Wallace Huo and 40 year old Ruby Lin will be held at the end of this month in Bali Island wedding.

Once a bridesmaid for Vivian Hsu she, finally have to put on their wedding into the marriage hall. Has always been the focus of speculation for the members of the bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Hu has been determined not as the best man, and the bridesmaids have speculation is Tiffany Hsu, Fan Bingbing, Shu Qi.

Star wedding always has a lot of attention, of course, there are a lot of topics, in any case, all want to deeply bless all the new people: happy wedding! Live to old age in conjugal bliss!