Wang Jiaer, Lin update, Zhang Yixing, Wang Dalu, Jiang Jinfu with a stupid Meng force to conquer the universe!

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Wang Jiaer, Lin update, Zhang Yixing, Wang Dalu, Jiang Jinfu with a stupid Meng force to conquer the universe!

2016-07-21 01:45:49 1713 ℃

The China entertainment colored small meat, there are thousands and thousands of them became popular!

One is to look at the face, after all, that justice!

The second is to rely on the full sense of art circle powder!

Burning goose, all this has been out!!!

Now entertainment in addition to handsome and threatening, full of sense of tight encirclement, and a group by stupid Meng Liao pour all the fans sister little meat, today beans to your inventory, in the end there is how many stupid Meng force Max blue child paper!

-- this is the parting line of the lost girl.

Wang Jiaer: not stupid adorable upright type

Fresh and popular today, with the force Wuli Gaga upright and adorable, stupid out of their own piece of heaven!

Please read the "refrigerator" the buddy knows Wang Jiaer is adorable and sell old driver together ah! Minute quotations Jiaer laugh!

What is called "I'm not so clean"?! I believe you most beans, clean (honey Wei laugh)

Do you know Viagra?! Excuse me, do you think about the feeling of real viagra!

(PS: The Legend of the "Viagra" is the worship of the ice in a red but not red, "false cook")

The singles "light stick" is drunk...... This is the test of beans in the language of Lenovo ability?

And this one...... It is too dirty, you look at the picture - = = really pure beans in Hong Kong, don't know what you say!

Last weekend we "fight" premiere, Wuli Gaga so adorable Max, a play on the success attracted the attention of beans!

Words...... As a little meat, your idol burden! Can not pay attention to the image! What is the tilt of the hair for what?

Also, playing with small flag is the trouble which ah = = - you know beans patriotic, but you are holding the flag you slept!

As a capital chowhound, sit down, eat a sponsor of the oyster bibimbap, simply can not stop. This big mouth, hey one, eat really sweet! (beans silently took out home in oyster sauce......

The main gold is estimated to be smiling, after all, is not straightforward to sell advertising SEI

Charge? Ventilation? East wind? Ask this a hard plate is killing beans! Gold master laugh flowering + 10086!

In addition to upright advertising, in the game is real adorable.

This is the first set of props to be scared to lie on the Boy...... Wang Ruanmei almost 233333 seconds.

(ah, the king of the king fell down to me to kiss you!

The program let him answer the phone, he squatted silently to the corner a = = - you should not be so resistant to quack! I have a curse you draw a circle of Vu

Game has a link to find the box, burning geese, quack is absorbed in and out of the window hanging in the air parcel sum white Jingting greeting, and do not see the in front of box = - = this really is the strength of the illiterate. The bean is convinced!

Even more funny is that when the face recognition, because the distortion of the face distortion, can not be recognized! [laughs] splits

He and his teammates all interaction is adorable honey.

On the show, and Wang Kai brother in hand success. Do you think you can get rid of the fate of the Wang Kai combination with IQ online? Did not......

Wang Jiaer ready to give He Jiong a call to talk to himself, it is in the strength of selling stupid ah!

Do not believe, but we have a look = - =.

"Elder brother, do you think I should call his elder brother?"

"But I don't have any brothers"

"Or I'll call my mom and my mom has a brother.". And then let my mother to play to his brother, so that his brother to call my mom, my mother hit me again......"

Quack, you have not seen your brother Wang Kai taitouwen laugh it......

Upright to quack Rain God caused Jam Hsiao tons of damage......

For example, and the rain god, climb the stairs in the process of asking all curious baby upright Rain God "why do you go to the city each"

Jam Hsiao heart OS: This is why I cough up.

And a link to guess a number of messages about the rain god, Zhuge, IQ online KK Wang has told this to dumber brother, may be a record number or concert number the.

Burn goose, quack to adorable to ask the God of rain, "the places you've been to rain a few times"

How do you answer this? Hear the problem, the rain god's heart OS estimate is: you just give me a knife...

Anyway, beans have been unable to take care of themselves! This adorable upright boy, please give me a dozen good beans!!

Lin update - force burst type adorable boyfriend

Wanda as a housewife, Lin update in the entertainment circle style is more and more congener, see micro Bo style will know that this is a fine bone odd dorky boy.

The face of micro-blog...... Ugly refused!

And the "fast gunman", said the beans can not understand......

It was also recently quotes a power circle powder Lin update boyfriend crack force!

In the program, the moderator asked Lin to update the price to guess lipstick, Zhang Jingchu Lin update a straight cut". He guessed that 450 soft sister currency, in fact, only need 220.

The new results successfully demonstrated the correct way to open a boyfriend (knock on the blackboard! Straight guys soon learn!!

"This is not to buy it! Just buy it! Buy it!!"

The beans finally know why Lin update network f friends one by one! Ah beans also want this kind of boyfriend were weak!

In the "big star" in the "big star", Lin update with Xu Lu to the Internet cafes to open black, but also her boyfriend Max

Let Xu Lu buy a ruby, increase the beautiful value of 233

Even if Xu Lu is a remnant will never abandon!

Remind Xu Luwan pay attention to deportment, said she "like playing grandmother collisions with", this what ghost describe, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Lin update, you dislike Xu Lu?

You look at yourself! Please remember that you are an idol! Remember that you are a man with an idol burden!

All right, well, you're a little stupid, but if you're willing to buy lipstick for your girlfriend, or love you!

Zhang Yixing - human and animal harmless since hey stupid

Small sheep Ngai Hing as "foolish" one of, in the ultimate challenge in stupid MOE's image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, a few days ago online released a challenge the limits of the footage # lay a person eight hours #, watching the beans, had said a Yixing is self hi the dorky = - =

Because Changsha small sheep in a duel first killed, in the hotel waiting for a full eight hours. However, little sheep a minute are not idle [manual goodbye]

Now, please enjoy the dance that Zhang Yixing brings to you - I will rise again.

You see the next service brother's eyes? Kidding me?

Don't jump two minutes... The doll head is too heavy... [love, dance also side head...

This kid is crazy...

I was tired, and I started to miss my brothers! Ah a person's loneliness, five people's fault!

A good person to start nagging boring boring...... A piano, the eyes are bright!

Burn goose... Began to abandon music allowed home...

Ah hey! Yixing don't abandon the somebody else please [cry

But he is antique ah!

Yixing awe, instantly a song (please appreciate ears)

After sang three, will become a person. (really spicy ears)

Finally, there is a pose ending, this child is not toxic ah!!

There are self parody. Hi... Is a readily, ah ~ expression package

Yixing, you can pay attention to manners? You look at the floor of Shanglin grandma Mstching update... Look at you, a group of sisters ah wood there!

Promise beans, pick up your idol burden!

Wang continent - standard silly black sweet type stupid

Once the king is still the king to cry Xu Taiyu, but a period of chicken sold him, becoming the new Jin really stupid boy. And successfully replaced Wuli Tao Tao as the new darling of the expression package!

Some people say that the chicken strips, Wang found that IQ, is the hardest hit.

This is the hardest hit, is simply unable to restore the destruction of ah!!!

Is master Honglei Sun from head to tail to cheat, and finally do not know who is undercover!

Huang Bo called him and said he was Zhang Yixing, and he did...... Believed it. Recklessly exposed his whereabouts, the team's situation all leaked to Huang Bo.

In the car, but also pretended to be very smart to start the analysis, burning goose, the results of the analysis is that Zhang Yixing and I like cute"......

Beans believe you, you really is a very simple and naive blue child paper! Called the king, silly black sweet continent!

Promise beans, after more than a variety of good! Smile to syncope

Jiang Jinfu - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Obviously, see from the photo of Jiang Jinfu and Wang, can these two individuals must be fellow sufferers

I would like to ask you two are mentally retarded children ah hey!

With a chicken strips, Fu Tsai is Sanjing Framed back undercover in the pot, the call is robbed with his teammate, forced the entire ignorant, has been in off-line state.

Doubt the IQ, doubt the life!

Distressed husband, the husband does not cry, let the beans to give you a hug!

Think before brothers run it, Fu Tsai physical quality is good! Just a little meat inside the big black! But still can not escape the fate of the pack!

At that time there is also the same silly white sweet art with you!

Don't panic, although art is not the original art Hing, but do not forget, there is a forest update with you!

Variety in these stupid Meng force Max little meat is simply a bright scenery line, or look bad, or brain circuits Qingji, or most of the time the IQ offline and readily available cutting face pack, absolute and outside those sexy bitch is not the same!!!

Although the beans on the mouth despise you silly, Bart, beans or Hin love Hin love you!

Promise beans, has been stupid to come down good! Fan sister face

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