This ghost before 100 minutes enough to make you laugh, but the ending tears ran, guessed at the beginning guess at the end

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This ghost before 100 minutes enough to make you laugh, but the ending tears ran, guessed at the beginning guess at the end

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At this time to the phone, the original is the landlord, let him pay the rent. Lousy.

He didn't even have the water to take medicine, how to pay the rent on it. Can only drink tap water to take medicine.

But after taking the medicine, the landlord was found in a timely manner.

Sent to the hospital after the rescue came back, woke up a face of depression.

The Lord found himself sitting beside a big uncle in the hospital smoking.

But the nurse came to the male master scolded, looked down, the original uncle in the hands of the smoke do not know how to return to their own hands.

A face of helplessness.

He explained to the nurse is the uncle of the smoke, but the nurse did not see what the uncle.

More depressed.

This is the legend of the smoker, ha ha.

He was treated as a mental illness.

Suddenly heard a woman crying.

Of course, doctors can't hear.

Find the sound came to a cabinet next to her, that is, she was crying.

Congratulations, love to cry.

He was taken as a mental illness.

Arose in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and saw an old grandpa in assailing nurse, head and big body small, men feel blame blame quickly back to the ward.

Third ghosts, goat.

When he returned to the room, it was the following scene, the three ghosts have been waiting for him in his room.

At that time, the shock of the past.

There are fourth ghosts, wearing a yellow dress.

Four ghost has been followed by the male Lord, go to where to go.

So find a fortune teller, found himself always the cause of suicide is not successful:

You don't have to die before you send them.

The ghosts are sharing his body. Every day hanging on his body, ha ha ha.

Because of sharing the body's sake, so his hobby is forced to be the same as a few ghosts.

A smoker, to drink and smoke.

Male Lord was a few ghost toss finally can't stand the outbreak, to their big temper.

This evening, he felt cold.

Find a fortune teller again, that this is the ghost in the angry, so there is a chill, ghost of his punishment.

In order to get rid of these ghosts, the master recommended to meet all their desires, want to give what you want.

Our wish is to have a camera.

This camera is a police holding, directly with the police to borrow the camera.

But because of obstruction of official business was put into prison.

Goat know the policeman's little secret, and he was forced to put the camera to the male master, goat to get the camera lent his old friend.

Also the camera when the man met a beautiful female nurse, a face wretched.

Little desire is to play in the home under the influence of the male also showed the characteristics of a child, playing with kid all day.

Smoker's wish is to have a taxi.

So he found the drunk.

As long as the car to their male owners to help him find the wife abandoned drunk.

So he kept following the drunk's wife, and discovered the secret of her.

Because the drunk often smoke, pregnant wife got lung cancer, in order to let the children live only to leave the drunk.

After knowing the truth, the drunk drove his car to find his wife.

The drunk's demands were met, and the man got the taxi.

Smokers also satisfy the desire, chainsmoker drove men came to the beach, learn to swim.

The next is the desire to cry - and love the people to dinner.

He began to prepare the last wish, and a few ghosts and the female nurse to eat together.

The nurse came to his house.

Of course, the nurse can't see a few ghosts.

But at dinner, the male and female nurses had a quarrel, angrily left the nurse.

The male Lord this again sent a temper, and strange to a few ghost body, shouting to let them leave.

At noon on the second day, the man came to the nurse.

When the nurse suddenly asked last night to eat kimbap. Why not put spinach but cress, men suddenly wake up.

His mother would do that.

His mouth with a meal all the way.

All the memories came out at once.

They used to be a happy family.

Suffered a car accident when going out to play.

But men are dead, because men against the accident was.

He came back home, the "family" disappeared so that he was very sad.

Suddenly all appeared.

And their desire is for a purpose.

Look at the front of so many funny clips to see the last actually let a person tears ran.

This is what I have seen the most warm ghost, guessed at the beginning but did not guess the ending.

In fact, the people who love you are always by your side.

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