Chen Xiao married Michelle Chen, 10 sexy perfect marriage room broke

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Chen Xiao married Michelle Chen, 10 sexy perfect marriage room broke

2016-07-21 02:14:14 663 ℃

Introduction: Chen Michelle Chen married the young couple's wedding was held in Beijing, the net exposure of the Beijing Games, the bridesmaids have Joe Chen, Gillian Chung, Hu Bingqing, Taiwan is chenyanxi three girlfriends. Michelle Chen had previously revealed. Yen value is very high, so it is indeed very seductive. Auspicious purple, Michelle Chen orange chicken color skirt of grapes, the bride and groom dress production were time-consuming 3985 hours, 1880 hours, dress and groom auspicious, dragon embroidery, the symbol of the unicorn, wealth and good fortune, wedding in the warm atmosphere completed the morning ceremony. It just finish marriage Chen chenyanxi marriage room is what kind of?

Small make up for Michelle Chen Chen Xiao married a gift, 10 wedding room effect diagram, full not satisfied with you say!

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