Qu Wanting song for hundreds of millions of mothers to pray for the mother, 18 year old mayor boyfriend to send care, still difficult to cure

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Qu Wanting song for hundreds of millions of mothers to pray for the mother, 18 year old mayor boyfriend to send care, still difficult to cure

2016-07-21 02:19:42 579 ℃

Yesterday, quwanting sent two microblogging, the text is "665 days of hard wait and hope is a the best arrangement", also attached his new song, Dage taste, is also promising to mother Mingjie Zhang prayer.

Her Vancouver mayor boyfriend Luo Pinxin also forwarded the tweet, directly to her confession "quwanting I love you", and send to comfort words.

One day, quwanting also made micro-blog "I want to live because I want to see the dawn of tomorrow".

If you do not know the crowd is afraid to look confused, quwanting this is why people feel?It turned out that today is the day of her mother Zhang Mingjie's corruption, bribery, abuse of power to stand trial. Was in Harbin City Development and Reform Commission deputy director, city urbanization construction leading group office of the director of Mingjie Zhang, this time involving an amount of up to 3.5 billion, accused of hundreds of millions of sale of state-owned assets.

As a daughter, now quwanting mood must be five mixed.

Because the spring charming with the Ming "episode" drenched "began to widely known the quwanting, then it is by virtue of a poem," my song "in the fire all over the river north and south, once the most promising singer songwriter, who has appeared in 2013 on the Spring Festival Gala.

But because the mother's things, her career stalled, has been out of public view for a long time.

In November of the year before last,Media just exposed quwanting mother has been caught the news two months, quwanting also has been accused of indifference to mother, merely in Vancouver enjoy life. Later, quwanting in social networking sites immediately posted two childhood with mother's photo, and said, "this ordeal for me under a lot of pressure, let me almost every day in tears".

The treatment of the mother of the thing, the user's comments are polarized. Some netizens think "emotional best arrangement" is a conviction for the country and the people an explanation.

Have net friend think, mother, quwanting has nothing to do, parents do not put their own corruption all will give children to listen to, she is innocent.

However, even if the song of the mother of the mother of corruption and other acts are not known, as a daughter is also difficult to take off.

Early quwanting to study in canada,Until the quwanting became popular, the relationship between her and her mother began to ease.

Now the mother of the accident, for the song is really a big blow for the fight. And her boyfriend in a timely manner is probably the greatest warmth of her now.She and Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson in last year January publicly acknowledged relationship, Luo Pinxin older than her 18 years old, has three consecutive mayor, quwanting had for him to canvassing.

But after this incident, quwanting can no longer have before the brilliant, is unknown.

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