Sharp eyed Netizens found Bridesmaid A Jiao heels that are too high or not.

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Sharp eyed Netizens found Bridesmaid A Jiao heels that are too high or not.

2016-07-21 02:30:25 560 ℃

The big event yesterday entertainment non double Chen wedding is. Friends so concerned about this wedding is not only because of Chen Xiao Michelle Chen's sweet love, because it is seductive the Groomsmen bridesmaid.

Yesterday's wedding can be described as the star studded, light is a bridesmaid, Joe, Gillian Chung, Hu Bingqing, Yuan Ziyun, Freya, Andrea; the Groomsmen have: Chen Xiang, Zheng Guolin, zhe Han Zhang, Wang Maolei, Feng Qilong, He Fengtian. The wedding is high color value, let fans see the eye.

In the bridesmaids, had been the most striking five bridesmaids Zhongxin Tong A Jiao. Some people think she is too beautiful, almost intraocular pressure of the bride. But a sharp eyed netizens discovered, in the maid of honor, Gillian chose a pair of shoes is particularly high heels, significantly higher than the other bridesmaids.

In fact, Gillian's height is 160cm, in the girls in is not short, but the choice of such a high thick soled shoes, netizens think Gillian "is really have brains", also the netizen thinks is just a skirt or dress needs, has no intention.

Actually Xiaobian believes that marriage, everyone's focus should be more on the new body, giving their best wishes, and who is not brilliant pressure who, or whose heel more high. In a word, yesterday's wedding was very successful, which due to the "return of the Condor Heroes" become attached to the star couple, married in all the blessings, ushered in the most sweet the most memorable day.

Yesterday, the scene of the stars and Willber Pan, Joseph Cheng, Ariel Lin, Liu Shishi, Rainie Yang, and more than 300 guests will attend the wedding

Let us make the best wishes for the couple and wish them a happy marriage, said of a couple!

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