They have hidden relationships, eight don't mix they are relatives

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They have hidden relationships, eight don't mix they are relatives

2016-09-07 10:35:33 622 ℃

Many entertainment stars, there will be more or less related to the. Today, small make up to chop off the hidden relations between the stars. Wong Cho Lam and Eason Chan are cousins, Wong Cho Lam said he only in 2012 that Eason Chan is his cousin, 2012 Wong Cho Lam and grandma back to Dongguan on the 4 day, discover that Eason Chan is his distant cousin! This small estimate is also eight cousin pole hit too close relatives.

Ancient Chinese Literature Search Super Girl "Yu Dan" the Analects "after the popular book had brought to Taipei propaganda. The unexpected is, in her book will be published on the Taiwan actor Chang Chen's mother Zhao Xinran to join, and invited Yu Dan to dinner. Originally, Yu Dan and Zhao Xinran are cousins, Yu Dan and Chang Chen's happy. Two restoration links in the last century, 80s.

Du Chun is also the domestic first-line niche, well, in fact is the first. We see the face of his father knew it was his historical figure or a decent role, and more generally to the drama. Representative works include "Yong Zheng Dynasty", "world granary", "tight encirclement", "heroes of the banner", "river song" etc..

The 27 year old Ma Sichun gradually became popular in the entertainment circle, works on behalf of "left ear", "close your eyes" to him. And she has another identity, that is, Jiang Wenli's niece. Because the family conditions and outstanding effects, she has developed many film and television works, its fresh temperament is impressive!