Li Rebecca in the field || in those years you the girl with her over to the Shenxianjuanlv when

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Li Rebecca in the field || in those years you the girl with her over to the Shenxianjuanlv when

2016-07-21 02:32:11 564 ℃

Today the rain to Yanqi Lake in Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao's wedding, an overnight fed dog food". You

I also want to do on the road, why should the wedding in such a big way. Because of the rain the traffic jam, I took nearly two hours to come by bus from downtown Beijing. Believe that many of the guests also wondering ~ later dinner, Michelle Chen dad let everyone suddenly realize: "from the wedding. We can see that Chen's intentions, the moral of Yanqi lake is" Xi Yan ", he hopes you can make and shes happy." So that is what it is. ~

The weather is really weather. Beijing today has been in the rain, when I also heard that the outdoor wedding may be changed into the interior of the. Did not expect to when the rain stopped. Outdoor wedding.

The groom, Chen Xiao, played in the background music of Conan, saying it was the most special wedding music I had ever heard. The host said this is because Chen Xiaote don't love Conan. Although the music was very "wayward", but the groom's official speech was "real", he said: "God help me, no rain, my wife will be the emergence of a."

Then the water rising smoke from Michelle Chen, sitting opposite the boat slowly out. She came to say they feared would be very nervous, the result came out already and Chen gyoshi at the. "Do you think our eyes have a message?" This...... Just love! You

On both sides of the bridesmaids and Groomsmen who put the petals into the river ~ you

Exchange rings link super abuse dog". Chen said: "I'm looking forward to this day for a long time, I think the Greek Yan and I a bit special, like, not many things, want will spell do our best. And shes, I want to say, in the days ahead, try best to, to take good care of you, love you well, like every time before the plane, I said to you: 'wife, I love you for life'. "

And shes said. "I didn't think this life so so lucky, met a person I love the most, but also to marry him, I will do in this life the biggest effort, to well protect this lucky." You

And shes father will be entrusted her to Chen Xiao ~ Chen dad later in the wedding banquet speech is voluntary with they sang songs composed a Song poems give a newly married couple: love, such as initial, did not forget to the beginning of the heart, I cherish you and spend the next life. Looks like Chen's father is very satisfied with the son-in-law ah. You

Look at the morning wedding map, find Michelle Chen more like her mother? You

Chen Xiao and a photo of my parents. You

A lot of people in the "double Chen love" openly discussed why Michelle Chen played "maid" is so many people said shape not beautiful, but still properly conquered Chen Xiao? Listen to what Chen Xiao is saying:

"From the first time I saw her, there was a sense of trust.". Do not know why, is that she is worthy of trust to rely on, when I feel the lack of strength, to see her eyes on the charge to me. Thank her, because she has all the more meaningful and more dynamic, and work hard to live".

He also mentioned a detail. Before the wedding, Chen Xiao asked her: rain, the more the next big how to do? Answer: Yan Xi will be held as usual. "She's such a girl, that's the way it is. Hope our love is like this." You

Michelle Chen said: "I really feel very happy, from the boat to the stage, the whole process is very fantastic, very not true. I know that in the future, we will have a lot of ups and downs, the day will be crossed the ordinary, but we will hold hands to walk together. "

Guests with courtesy. You

About the origin of the "little rabbit", Michelle Chen said: "because Chen Xiao is a rabbit, he gave me the first gift is the rabbit small toys, so this is very special for us." Chen Xiaoze said: "the rabbit, in fact, she said that more than two eyes, I bought it for her, but also did not think this is the first gift, in fact, is a dozen dollars a small rabbit. But did not expect, when she went to where to start, it will take this little rabbit in the trunk, so I am very surprised and very touched."

In addition to the lovely rabbit elements, the wedding scene is also very fantastic arrangement. We feel.

In fact, since noon was their wedding ceremony Shuabing, two people wearing Chinese style dress is from Guo Pei advanced customization. Michelle Chen wearing the neck is popular this year, Choker, ha ha, pure Chinese style. Jewelry from the Imperial Palace culture. You

This picture of deja vu ah ~ you

In fact, this young couple is not at the wedding was a big show of affection. Their "dog abuse history" has a long history.

In May this year, Chen Xiao participated in the "very quiet distance" of you

Even more amazing is that Chen Xiao is also a classic film quoted a classic movie lines to see Michelle Chen's feeling: I met her like being struck by lightning". I love you.

As early as December 2014, the aunt and the children to participate in "happy camp", they were eating melon people shouted, together". There was also no published romance, but look at the two look ~ you

Michelle Chen said that they were at the time of filming is not completely fall in love, only two people are very happy together and well. In the return of the Condor Heroes of the publicity of their relationship a qualitative change, Michelle Chen said: "was promotional period, we chat with a micro channel, he is always kidding me. I'll tell him you're talking about things I don't know. As a result, he returned to me, "I thought I would marry you. "

At that time, it was also said that the hype, but more witty people assert that they are absolutely true love, because you do not believe you count the number of Michelle Chen Chen Xiaohe micro-blog in the rabbit.

This is when they published romance:

In August last year, Chen in micro Bo public relationship, it is a promise "will you with my surname", gee, this "trap", do not set too blatant ~?

"With your last name" this stem is also can play all the time.

Love is aboveboard, after the open, they'd have been openly in show of affection, and everyone is willing to take the trays and trays of food ah ~?

Love is in, the rabbit is in. You

Like every one of her micro-blog. You

With her related to like it. The following is not released before the love affair. The picture on the right is Chen Xiaohua. You

Last year on a cruise ship in Paris tower, Chen Xiao asked for a meal in the name of Michelle Chen and their staff. Michelle Chen walked on board, found that the ship is all roses, is on the main course, open the plate to see the ring of marriage. Michelle Chen said that although he imagined the scene, but it was also a real surprise to the.

In July 5th this year, Chen Xiao's birthday, they brought the card. Yan Xi also announced the pregnancy: "from now on we three, one after another good ~ you

The marriage certificate photos, with pretty handsome. Major discovery, Chen Xiaoyou beauty tip. You

Happy bubble. You

Finally, the micro-blog Ke Zhendong is so good with you ~

I hope those years you chase the girl and her son live happy forever ~ you

Today did not wait until the toast link ran back to write, or write now. Not to say, I wish everyone can find their true love. See you tomorrow:)

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