Her nightclub debut, Gan to do a concubine room 45 years was billions of heritage, is the life of a friend Run Run Shaw

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Her nightclub debut, Gan to do a concubine room 45 years was billions of heritage, is the life of a friend Run Run Shaw

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Chinese film mogul Run Run Shaw died on 7 January 2014, this shook the Hong Kong Film and television industry in the 19th century legend, the story of his life than he filmed the movie even more exciting

And he said in his life the most important person is any two wife, of which one is our today's leading six sister-in-law Mona Fong

Prior to this slightly over with Run Run Shaw's wife, Huang Meizhen

Run Run Shaw in 1907 was born in a wealthy family, the father is the boss of Shanghai paint company, the six brothers and sisters ranking the smallest, known as the six uncle

And brother Shao Renjie, not to be interested in the family business, discovering a film career, 19 years old is when with third elder brother to Singapore to take care of the movie business

It is said to meet Huang Meizhen at the theatre, and at first sight.

! is not an ordinary family girl, the father is the real estate business in Singapore and then boyfriend is Singapore's famous rich more than Dongxuan

As it happens is Shao master and I still good friends, 8 wrong! Shao Shaoye is poaching!

But Ganqing brothers such as brothers, women such as clothes, Dongxuan Yu not only forgive the Sir Run Run Shaw, when they were still married specially sent 50 million gift.

And! The married is 50 years, the outbreak of the Second World War when Sir Run Run Shaw for the filming of "Anti Japanese film" by the Japanese military police prison is! Side support the independence of Shao's possessions, around to ask for help save Sir Run Run Shaw, buchibuqi, through thick and thin!

No wonder 1987 Mrs. Huang in Los Angeles, died. Sir Run Run Shaw recalled praised her as a good wife, what is good, at home no worry about him, the wife that visual sense.

But not the same with Mona Fong!, she more like Sir Run Run Shaw's right-hand man, enrichment assistant, is also a lifelong friends and lover

1934 Fang Yihua was born in Shanghai, the above mentioned Run Run Shaw and Huang Meizhen are married in 1937, that is, when they get married Fang Yihua was 3 years old... But wealthy marriage age is never a problem.

Fang Yihua's mother was a 30s Shanghai nightclub artist Fang Wenlu, met Run Run Shaw and met in 1952, Fang Yihua went to Singapore nightclub performances, when she was a stage singer

Song style partial international feel, all of a sudden attracted Sir Run Run Shaw, Shaw present about her supper, somewhere doomed to two people started up to 60 years of each other's company.

But due to the original formula can only be appointed to the Commission (Hongkong in 1969 to implement a husband and a wife, so the room is legal).

Have to say this is a IQ EQ of women, in their career she can help Sir Run Run Shaw, he's most trusted right hand

And feelings has been relegated to lover friend position, not out of the limelight, attended the party as long as there is a popular actress accompany beside Sir Run Run Shaw, she always stand in the third and the fourth row, and six Shutong import and

The general interest, or which is why she is "six sister-in-law" position

Fang Yihua bluntly, to get something you have to make something, she does not mind with someone else share Run Run Shaw, do not know how strong a woman to be able to say such a thing.

But Sir Run Run Shaw did not live up to the friend's heart, often attending some important occasions is Mona standing in behind him. Water popular Huadan, wrought iron Mona, Shao master his dissolute not obscene.

But, although expensive for the director Shao's sweetheart MS Fong entered the Shaw group is not airborne, but from costumes, pipe procurement at the grassroots level, when the production manager, "Explorer", said by dominion!

The party also won the Run Run Shaw deep duct, the "stingy" style known as "saving money lady" (money). But perhaps is because Mona Fong stand on this side of the boss, rather than just working status, every penny are considered himself a it.

In addition, Fang Yihua is "extremely cruel and merciless, mean what one says!

Which shows Mona Fong is by no means general alongside the likes of Regal concubine, her bright, ambitious, assertive and courageous, relying on their ability to form up through every aspect of the company, in the upper, eventually become Sir Run Run Shaw's most important business partners

She knew Sir Run Run Shaw is a career man, understand the cause is his center of gravity, and she just catch it, in the higher realms accompany the man, but by no means cooking

So in ten years after the death of Sir Run Run Shaw wife, although is 90 years old. Sir Run Run Shaw are still willing to marry at the age of 62 Mona interlude for give her a birthright, and ensure that she naturally obtained the right of inheritance

Do a lifetime of Miss Fang Shao finally became too right and proper!

A modern version of the "Lu Zhen legend"! Chinese version of "Da Chang Jin"!

This story tells us that you will have a chance to win the enemy's death...

But we know that to Mona talent and courage, literally in the areas which are not mixed too bad, just in Sir Run Run Shaw Shaw had overtly or covertly help more develop her ability just

The death of Run Run Shaw, in addition to most of the money for the wife and four children, leaving tens of billions more to her heritage

But the money for over 80 years of Fang Yihua has been insignificant, because she has got everything she wanted, she was willing to go to the heritage of the Heritage Foundation

Hong Kong, the real reality of the woman figure is the heart, but she knew that to get the heart needs more efforts

To accompany in the side this man, she from Southeast Asia's most popular singer retired, do concubine room 45 years, not Zhengshi and eternal, with wild flowers and jealous, in the front and the man together back share joys and sorrows, she made him a lifetime lover friend, is sufficient!

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