The sound of the new song recorded the scene of a small accident? 000 Neda was eliminated Na Ying freak

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The sound of the new song recorded the scene of a small accident? 000 Neda was eliminated Na Ying freak

2016-09-23 12:07:22 700 ℃

The evening of September 23rd, "Chinese new song" mentor Na Ying and Harlem Yu will usher in a melee game team battle, at present, the competition in Jiaxing has finished recording, but in the recording process, but the scene had a little accident, named mentor Na Ying, complained that too much control of Neda million boyfriend.

This Friday, China's new song, the country's top 12 is about to be born, at present, the new song Jay Chou low profile portfolio, feather field, to the ocean, Wang Feng team Jiang Dunhao, Liu Wentian, Xu Geyang smooth promotion. Recently, 12 programs have been released, Na Ying Li Peiling, Wang Chenrui net exposure group, Su Lisheng, Harlem Yu, Zhao Xiaoxi, Yang Meina, Ji Kehao group into the top 12.

"China new song" Wan Nida

According to the net exposure list, the most promising Na Ying "new song" participants Neda to stop 12, missed the championship finals.

Originally only friends broke the news, this episode has not aired due, so users for the national top 12 list of doubts, hope can go through her million. But from the recent media interview, the news, did not enter the Neda million Na Ying team of the top 3.

Na Ying has repeatedly expressed love for students in the field of 000 Neda, more praised her musical prowess, the praise she is "a shining star". Because of good looks and rap, Neda Wan figure are wild and hot, so Jay Chou, Wang Feng is also very optimistic about Wan Nida.

000 Neda singing strength is no doubt that the well-known music teacher, who are affirmed for her vocals, and every song she sang were adapted from his boyfriend. It is reported that the day of the race, 000 live Neda songs, Na Ying to comment after Neda million, suddenly turning the gun million Neda boyfriend, blame the million in Neda too many things, what advice to Neda million boyfriend.

"China new song" Na Ying

As a result, Na Ying was very excited mood, the scene was embarrassed. Wang Feng quickly stepped forward to rescue Na Ying, side to appease the mood, while for students to. Then, apologize to her boyfriend Na Ying felt Neda Wan said bluntly, not for him, just because of fear for Neda wan.

Na Ying said this time not only, it is because of his impulsive, irritable personality, Na Ying has also been criticized all the users, more users in the micro-blog open yesterday released the title "Na Ying, please get out of the China new song" article, sharp tongued, directed at Na Ying's mouseexcrement Li Yong, they were shelling.

Song Zude micro-blog "new song" Na Ying out of Chinese