Dongyu Zhou this shirt dress beautiful cry! But look at her shoes, forgive me not kind smile...

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Dongyu Zhou this shirt dress beautiful cry! But look at her shoes, forgive me not kind smile...

2016-09-24 09:56:11 670 ℃

Dongyu Zhou play the sparrow, when the shape, from the uniform to the dress uniform, although the clothes look good, but it is inevitable Tucao: like a daughter to steal her mother's clothes

But this is certainly not to say that Dongyu Zhou is not good-looking, but said that this is not necessarily suitable for the Republic of china.

After all, her modern equipment, a fan of super really ah, but just a girl is bursting with flavor.

And in addition to activities, Dongyu Zhou life is still very much a fan of clothing

Tall girl wind, the United States fried ha ha ha

Recently, Dongyu Zhou was photographed at the airport photos, dressed in a lining dress, casual look nice

Well, although the big shoes Tuo, but does not affect the overall aesthetic.

Do not know is not the latest movie "in July and she" sold, so feel super good, but also a self

Walk with the wind ha ha ha

But to see the beauty of beauty, this pair of shoes... Jar brother couldn't help laughing unkind...

So how big is this shoe? Go one step one step, the whole back heel to run out ~.

This is not the first time Dongyu Zhou shoes off foot.

There was a time to attend the event, she wore high heels to play, has not come to the center of the stage, this shoe will give a throw out, but also embarrassed

But this can be understood, Dongyu Zhou small, the size of the foot is not large, the big luxury brands of the minimum code of high heels she will wear a large.

Entertainment actress, there are a lot of this situation, such as a joke said a lot of times Zhao Liying

But then, when making "palace lock incense", while behind the scenes pictures, Dongyu Zhou wasn't wearing high-heeled shoes? The result may be a big shoe, just take one foot out ha ha ha

So, this is generally flat feet can not satisfy the meaning of ah.

No wonder I look at those shoes worn by Dongyu Zhou, often have a bandage or a tightly wrapped

Can only say that the feet to give your child a pair of feet high up, you deserve.