Qiao Renliang Memorial Canbian red carpet fan meeting to blame?

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Qiao Renliang Memorial Canbian red carpet fan meeting to blame?

2016-09-24 09:56:28 706 ℃

Figure / text: Jun Jun

Artist Qiao Renliang memorial service will be held in Shanghai yesterday, many entertainment friends gathered to send KIMI finally. As a friend of Joe Chen is dressed in white appeared at the Joe Chen Memorial also got KIMI's birthday next year, so heart warming love laughing boy, who would not put him in association with depression.

Many artists to mourn, and speaking of Qiao Renliang entered the entertainment circle, because in 2006 the Oriental TV show "My Hero" became popular. Memorial meeting, former player good man and "I-I show" have arrived at the scene, the memory of his friend Qiao Renliang. Old friends appeared black dress, black eyes.

But there are also many rub heat, reporters at the scene have photographed an actress who backless dress back, hollow, and a golden shoe and man, all in the mobile phone voice.

Chinese to pay attention to the dead, but the two people do not know the thought is to attend the press conference, walking the red carpet. At this time in the shape of such a mind, it is estimated that a lot of people will be scolded! After all, this is the memorial, not a certain news conference!

But the two people full with masks, who is not clear, trouble a little common sense, to wear clothes are also points to the occasion. But people say it is like the morning after coming out of the nightclub. But there are a lot of fans to star, the star appeared when bustling, with mobile phone kept taking pictures. Originally, the memorial is a good starting point, but some people with ulterior motives use entertainment unwholesome tendencies not know when they will be clean, also wish Qiao Renliang all the way.