Shen Mengchen public statements Du Haitao: you don't believe me? The reaction is bright

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Shen Mengchen public statements Du Haitao: you don't believe me? The reaction is bright

2016-11-01 04:06:35 5582 ℃

With the "real man" hit, several guests talk more and more is also high. In addition to fame was great with Yang Mi Liyan Tong, won the most concern about the number of Shen Mengchen through the program. Do not know why, this man Shen Mengchen has been very lovable, but on the network to see her message, she nine out of ten are black. Think of her some poor ~ ~.

This is not, the first phase of the program in the early hours of a few guests were suddenly wake up, users have said that this is a real makeup anyway. Because the female star of this makeup than the previous one more realistic, especially Shen Mengchen.

Once the program aired, Shen Mengchen on the subject from all directions tucao. A lot of net friend say, why the skin of Shen Mengchen is compared to the soldier elder brother elder brother still black? She is how to do it... But my sister would like to say that a skin is not her fault, ah, ah, who do not want to be a little white?

Mainly with makeup good Yang Mi and Liyan Tong for comparison, and makeup to keep up with the blueheart Zhang makeup did not how much difference, compared with Shen Mengchen will suffer a lot of criticism.

But people have a boyfriend, you can also thin blue letinous edodes nestled in boyfriend Huailisa coquetry.

With this hit show, there must be a link that all guests together on "happy camp". Then the focus is on Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao also.

The relationship between Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao has always been a secret that everyone knows. About love, two people are not positive recognition but also does not deny, outsiders looked like in the ambiguous phase. I did not expect this Shen Mengchen on "happy camp" was with Du Haitao openly show affection, it is necessary to open the rhythm.

There is a part of the program is to play the role of Du Haitao injured, Shen Mengchen and Jiang Jinfu for him to rescue. This is not what a point of the link, but Shen Mengchen put the word to the sizzling scene.

In the implementation of the rescue time, Shen Mengchen said "breathing", then the place began to stir. Shen Mengchen was shocked, after about one or two seconds, Shen Mengchen said to Jiang Jinfu: you come. Jiang Jinfu also Leng for a while, after reaction to pull Shen said: you come! Ambiguous thick the air is the sister of some drunk.

But it is far from over, in the "who is the master of the game lie", Shen Mengchen Du Haitao said suddenly toward: don't you believe me?!

Why sister from this sentence is a thick jiaochen means? In this regard, Du Haitao's expression is also bright. This is hit small heart expression is very in place ah ~

Look slightly sweet, with a faint chuckle, a man in love like Du Haitao, you are really in love... Congratulations..!

In addition, Shen Mengchen also asked again: I lied?

The meaning of this sentence is deeper, can be extended to: with you for so long, I have lied? Can also be extended to: talk to you for a long time in love, I have lied?

In addition, the happy camp program group also arranged for Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao to a close fitting hot dance. This scale was sister some shame.

So Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen have now reached the public show of affection level? Just look at why some people bored? Probably in the "Mars Intelligence Agency", to see Shen Mengchen is too much fun, tired of it.

In the Mars intelligence agency, Shen Mengchen has not been less black. There are probably several spots, one is her Strapless shirt, almost slipped still pull down. The two is Joker in singing, she wailed extremely embarrassing... Anyway... Occasionally do a lot of people can not understand things. So it is in the state of being black.

Shen Mengchen is also basically a unilateral indirect recognition of the relationship with Du Haitao, someone asked her to stay with Du Haitao so become so thin, Shen Mengchen actually answer yes. In addition Mengchen Shen confessed his love overbearing man, "Du Haitao asked the media hegemony?" Shen Mengchen is shy, "also good response".

Sister would like to remind a sentence, if it really fell in love, and then cherish this feeling. Because love is a very good thing, do not let it become a kind of speculation......

If they really are together, my sister will send her a sincere blessing. After all, the most beautiful thing in the world is love.