SNH48 beautiful young girl, with what can suck money hundreds of millions of dollars?

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SNH48 beautiful young girl, with what can suck money hundreds of millions of dollars?

2016-11-05 00:52:52 781 ℃

After two rounds of financing, Shanghai Siba culture media Limited, the market valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. "Singing and dancing", the main to develop the SNH48 series of soft adorable girl how to suck money hundreds of millions of dollars?

From a questionable, called a "hat as learning foreign devils" 90 idol groups, Chinese grow into the largest group, SNH48 only 4 years. Today, SNH48 has more than 170 members, including the four thousand year beauty, forty thousand years of beauty, the number of core fans grew by more than 400%, the sub group throughout the country.Some members of the SNH48.

Shanghai Siba culture media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Siba culture") founder Wang Zijie revealed to the media, last year's revenue more than 30 million yuan, of which about 70% from the record sales, concert tickets and peripheral products and other traditional channels, according to the current development trend is expected next year, revenue will reach 300 million yuan.

No star aura, Siba cultural flagship sweet girl, located next door Idol "SNH48 members are from ordinary people, only the lovely shape how to attract millions of fans? How to feed such a company?

48 "beautiful girl":

4 years ago, SNH48 was a little-known 90 idol groups, only more than 30 thousand concern.

At that time, the only focus of the network on its focus is: the tide of the idol groups in China, how much the market? Only a few amateur girl singing and dancing, Siba culture is really money? SNH48 founder Wang Zijie frankly, just open the time, basically the first two performances are full, only third of the 1/3 people. The worst time to sell tickets, we go to school vouchers." But he didn't cut it. Wang Zijie was born in 1963 in Shanghai, graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University in 1984, when a computer research institute, also made a computer game software development business.

At the end of the last century in 80s, to catch up with the upsurge of studying in Japan, Wang Zijie went to Japan to study abroad.

"Wang Zijie, the founder of Shanghai Siba culture media co..

In Japan that a few years, let Wang Zijie more profound understanding of the Japanese game industry. After returning home, he created the "Daguai + upgrade" Jiuyou in 2003. 2 years later, Jiuyou also introduced the O2Media game company "Jin Orchestra" and T3 Entertainment's "dance group". Jin orchestra is considered to be the world's first MP3 music for the game platform for casual music online games, began operations in February 24, 2005, quickly sought after in June at the same time the number of online breakthrough 300 thousand.

Even in today's point of view, the high user stickiness of these games is enough to prove that Wang Zijie's vision of the long term. It is also because of Wang Zijie's Japanese Department of electronic games have in-depth study, in 2010, he introduced the Japanese AKB48 model, to build China's first large-scale women's group SNH48. The same is not optimistic about the game, "SNH48 game" is also full of criticism. But now it seems, Wang Zijie seems to step on the times every step bonus, step by step, every step has a loyal fans pay for him.

Some media recently reported that SNH48 in three years after the operation has been profitable, the proportion of male and female fans from the beginning to the present 9:1 7:3. At present, SNH48 seven, Beijing four weekly show in Shanghai every two hours. Premiere tickets every Tuesday on the official website of SNH48 timing of panic buying, have been wiped out every All seats are occupied. ticket for standing room. After four thousand years of beauty "forty thousand years" beauty "Su Shanshan VIP even fry 6000 yuan ticket.

In the SNH48 fan heart, idol rank already is not a member of a person, are all closely linked with their idols of the passions, simple Starchaser, is actually a careful layout of the business model behind the game player, Siba culture, is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries. It is also the case, in April this year, the Chinese cultural Ruigang shares SNH48 the company behind Siba media. Li tertiary industry value is what?

48 lines of fans of the economy how to develop

Once a year the total runoff is when the most crazy fans. Because members can record, drama, variety show, peripheral products, rely on the accumulation of fans voting real money, this is the greatest significance of the finale once a year. In July 30th this year, the third SNH48 Finals held in Shanghai, the top 48 the number of tickets received 1 million 760 thousand votes, compared with growth of 252.47% in 2015 second. Siba culture will become a fan of economic total runoff realization of the way, fans should be through the purchase of tickets to participate in the vote total run-off vote. "Investment community" reporter has reported that fans only buy EP will get the votes. This year the total runoff EP designated "Dream Island", including the price 78 yuan, 278 yuan, 588 yuan and 1680 yuan four. Among them, 1680 yuan version includes 48 tickets, the average price of 35 yuan / Zhang, relatively cost-effective, but also become a fan favorite.

Last year the total runoff, the members of the SNH48 Jingyi Ju had shouted over to win the slogan, but eventually lost to Zhao Jiamin, runner up. When accepting the award, she was captured by the photographer and a tear in her eyes. This tear has been called "Diamond tears" by fans". Fans bluntly, this year mustering the strength to send idol champion, such a precious diamond tears once is enough.

This year, with Jingyi received 230752.7 votes to the crown, than second Li Yitong 169971.4 votes for 60 thousand.

The Jingyi Ju third SNH48 finals champion.

After four years of development, the current SNH48 has more than 170 members, the annual show more than 300 games, the number of core fans grew by more than 400%, only last year, SNH48's core fans showed a 3 fold increase. If a vote is calculated according to 35 yuan, only a Jingyi Ju people brought to the company more than 800 yuan of income.

Fans crazy degree, can be seen.In addition, SNH48 official website is to include all can think of ways to make money.Member points system: integral from less to more divided into small gourd, gourd, silver, platinum and diamond gourd gold sponge gourd gourd. Diamond melon members also had free access to the surrounding custom, invite members birthday, designated two members of micro-blog and other welfare concerns. Theater tickets: fans can also through the theater tickets, or to participate in a variety of official activities to get points for the exchange. The surrounding products are members of students to write (a monthly package contains 5 random photo of a member, the price of 60 yuan), cheering towels (80 yuan), theater performances of DVD (268 yuan)......

It can be said, is a member of the SNH48 feed fans bonus, red with real money holding their idols. This is SNH48's "Internet plus", allows users to participate in, the user is the producer, producer, idol stardom all decided by the user. Members can make a record, starred in the film and television drama, received endorsements, it depends on how much money the fans in their bodies.

What SNH48 "star factory" what magic, why can let fans most willing to spend a lot of money invested in the same is the birth of "grassroots neighborhood Idol" body?

According to the new investor Chen Yuetian said, SNH48 differs from other idol groups in:itThe use of the original game mode will develop in the real life, most of the members are from ordinary families; a large number of offline activities for fans of zero distance contact; high frequency performance, the performance of low price to get the long tail effect; a fan of the economy to the extreme, the fans vote for a person who performs.

Once a year the total runoff on the handshake, but fans were known as the "soul of the exchange". Fans want to get in the soul of the exchange of positive energy, also need to buy a handshake. A handshake vouchers 10 seconds, up to 12, a total of 2 minutes. Can shake hands with members, talk, but do not allow the body to contact, to send gifts.Each handshake will be up to more than ten hours, more than 10 thousand fans to participate.

The SNH48 handshake album of fly.

In addition, broadcast, commercial culture Siba endorsement is also an important source of income, SNH48 commercial broadcast rights were sold to many video platform, SNH48 also do endorsements, these can bring direct benefits.

In Chen Yuetian seems, SNH48 this kind of female idol group model can be sustainable, scalable, can be more than 10 times the yield.

However, during the national day, was dubbed the "I and my country, together with his ears" and "GNZ48" my motherland "and my car scene" but let fans disappointed, members appear snapped out of tune, forget the words, even broken sound mistakes. This makes people have to worry about being ready to prepare for the recruitment of SNH48's Shenyang sister group and SHY48.

"48 lines" can be a lot of success to copy it?

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