She is China rural drama female Qianhua Wang, although the role of rustic, but western style of acting

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She is China rural drama female Qianhua Wang, although the role of rustic, but western style of acting

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It can control all the width, regardless of their role is not similar and similar? Is red to purple, whether drama or movie awards have recognized? Or let the audience remember the image of a national XXX?

When thinking about this problem, and I look at a look at Qianhua Wang's acting career, may give you the answer to bring a little inspiration.

Qianhua Wang graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1996, in a large size of about 60 TV drama film works have shaped many of the women's image. She also by virtue of the many classic rural women's role in the circle of the role of the village as a sister".

In 2001 she starred in Zhang Juxiang's "headed woman" laid a theme for her drama female main routine.

"The play to before and after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee 10 years for the historical background of around heroine Juxiang winding life experience, through several families intricate contradictions and disputes, show the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee country to bring tremendous changes, and then reveals the Chinese peasants in the survival, life, emotion, idea of change" (today Huizhou network)

By virtue of Zhang Juxiang, Qianhua Wang won the 24 flying Award for outstanding actress award.

2005's "the woman in the Guanzhong", she plays the lotus from a tender and weak woman from the growth of "revenge" ruthless role.

"The whole drama shows the strong will and the tragic fate of the women in the way of the great twists and turns. Show a great maternal love, showing the unique mind and quality of the woman in the guanzhong." (from the South)

Mark key "strong will", "tragic fate"".

In 2007 the "past" Lijia, she starred in the first generation of workers Hao Dali.

"The drama about to southwest of the three line factory of three generations of plant flowers change the fate of the main line, the reproduction of the" third line construction migration period can be song song of the fiery red years, the first generation of women's growth story. " (Xinhua)

Is still the story of the struggle of the strong woman.

In 2009 the "northeast novella" she got a shoulder family sister song Tian hao.

In the Japanese history environment sister "as a lord, she resolutely will family in the first place, peace reunion is her life the greatest responsibility." (NetEase entertainment)

A person to feed the brother and sister, sister in prison, forced to match and his sister also love the people together. How the idea of how to.

In 2010 the "Populus woman", Qianhua Wang played the main female harp.

"" diversiform leaved poplar woman "tells the story of a woman's inspirational story. It portrayed the image of a Mongolian woman, praised the excellent quality of the Mongolian people of honesty and trustworthiness, and in the face of disaster, self confidence, tenacious unyielding faith." (Xi'an daily)

Pay for his father. Focus or "tenacious self-confidence".

2012 "wheat into the city", Qianhua Wang as the king of wheat.

"The play tells the story of rural women wheat marry youth back to the city forest, after all the ups and downs, octanoic acid, discrimination and challenges, working hard out of the inspirational story of my own some kind of heaven and earth. (Ji and net)

In fact, in the city of thirty years of struggling rural women's struggle history.

2014 "I am in Beijing, very good", Qianhua Wang starred in the sister to talk about love.

"The play tells the story of the sisters, but in a strange combination of circumstances are far apart from each other, makes about little love and Xiao Yuan Xu in the thirty years of wind and rain in the course of life, the fluctuating fortunes promote growth and transformation, ultimately self defeating won the inspirational story of success and dignity." (NetEase)

Grace, inspirational story.

This time Qianhua Wang because of illness, thyroid problems, she was out of shape, made a lot of.

Incidentally, a, in the play as her sister Xiao Yuan Xu is the "Zhen Huan biography" sensitive inferiority complex, well behaved forbear anling played Xinran Tao.

From Wang Qianhua 2001 pick beam plays the female main so far, her role as routine always has a tragic experience but still strives constantly for self-improvement the main melody of inspirational women. Her drama revolves around young women slave ignorant pure growth transformation into adulthood and old to find their own happiness in life.

Although the role of routine, but Qianhua Wang did not play out the feeling is not stereotyped, did not feel like a role across the various drama.

"Headed by a woman, her vigorous capable," the Guanzhong woman "of her tragic refuse," diversiform leaved poplar woman "in her confidence romantic...

Qianhua Wang film about constantly on the Spring Festival Gala, there are awards recognized by the industry. However, she seems to play for, then play the conservative no breakthrough. Although it is a sister, however, in addition to a low-key low-key acting in addition to the audience to remember.

Reviewed Qianhua Wang's acting career, and then thought about the problem. It seems as if it's hard to have a definite answer.

When watching Qianhua Wang in the online information found in 2004 she appeared in a film called "Health Express" sitcom. Directed by the king, Ning Caishen screenwriter, Yan Ni and Sha Yi.

May be I really feel yanzhuo, Qianhua Wang and Yan Nichang have very similar.

The way they walk is a little bit like a.

Yan Ni from the sitcom my own swordsman Tong the shopkeeper to rural theme "the north wind that blows" cow flowers to fashion piece of the book of revelation and Hu CP Xiaoqiang. Range wide to even then she is going to play the idol in the vegetables I wouldn't be surprised.

The two is the main melody of the main drama female face, go meet is a completely different way in the "Health Express".

So it looks like both of them are good actors?

Play each role are different like a can improve the actor to force the grid thing, however to play width and forcibly to interpret for their role is also very embarrassed. Every character in the play is a comfortable and conservative decision, but has no breakthrough in its own passion?

Like a coin, there's a counter.

In fact, the problem of good actors in itself is superfluous.

The definition of a good actor is not so formal to consider several aspects.

Seriously treat every one of their own size and no role, love their own career, this is what I think a good actor should do.

Like by micro Bo said, "like to shoot play in rural, fields of vegetables, the water in the river, branches of the apple, the wok fish..."

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