Zhao Wei Ruby Lin is not pleasing to see her and protect her

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Zhao Wei Ruby Lin is not pleasing to see her and protect her

2016-07-21 03:11:48 644 ℃

Zhumen enqiu, many actress knowingly "into the Zhumen deep like the sea, but like moths like outrageously want to marry into the purple, just married into Zhumen star mostly, can have a good end but a few. Like Alyssa Chia in his early years to marry the rich two generations of Shanghai, Sun Zhihao, gave birth to her daughter, but because of many contradictions in the 5 years after the divorce. At the moment she married her boyfriend, Shiou, who had two daughters, and she was happy again. A few days ago and Shiou happy to run 10 km marathon, a face of happiness.

And Lixiang generous risked "P3" infamy sent the tycoon Li Houlin, but at the end of because of domestic violence and her husband's affair choose divorce. I have such a day off, she had the dream should not be confused mind!

Nevertheless, people cry will be someone smile, today Xiaobian to tell the happy star, although the cause of unexciting, but can be everyone envy of Mrs. Zhumen married in Zhumen happy life with, travel is OK, boring want to shoot play to play a few games, other times as long as the intention to give good care of children and families. Yes, you're not wrong, she is the "romance in the rain" in the dream Ping played by Le Jiatong.

In the past to see TV play a dream Ping like her wicked mother like to play Zhao Yiping to obstruct the hour, really is anxious "pops" slap in the face, see she was strong B, heart full of schadenfreude to try. At the moment to reflect over, then itself is trying to subdue her acting is so young.

Play our play such as ping in front of a provocative diaoman, spoiled wayward sister dream Ping is inclusion of the premise, concentric willfully to protect the immature sister. Fortunately, after the dream of the ping an immature mature into a sensible woman, but the price is a little big.

Super excellent acting let her become the following after starring in numerous much concern "Joan girl", and Yuan Quan, Li Xiaoran, Li Chen et al cooperation TV drama "life because of you beautiful", for the role of Liu Ying. After Fan Bingbing, Xiaohai Shen, Li Jie and fellow, Quan Ren co starred costume comedy "love love dictionary".

At the Pacific Princess

Our in addition to modern drama, costume drama shape is the arrogance of the chronological, TV drama the protecting good phase Di Renjie destroy border "play a daughter of Wu Zetian Chengping princess.

Zhang Xiaoying in "South Shaolin"

Is not what appeared in popular TV shows, her most famous known as "romance in the rain". Although the cause is not satisfied, but in the feelings of the harvest of the greatest happiness. Because of the famous "romance in the rain," before, our already and Zhu Rui at the moment the tycoon husband know, two people fall in love at first sight, after filming the "romance in the rain," identified relationships.

Fitness photos

The son and the son

Although joined the Zhumen, our no to other actress as a major push quiet Zhumen marriage itself, but silently when Zhu Rui after the death of the woman. Until nearly two years our only because microblogging beautiful private photos once again became popular, happy marriage although she gave birth to two sons, but the slim fit s figure and girls like luster of skin is very difficult to make people believe she is the mother of two children. Into the Zhumen can live more and more moist, I believe she is rare in the entertainment circle Zhumen married into the still can harvest happiness actress, openly good life!