Zhao Wei used the Taiwan actor Guo Degang and actress involved only "Deyunshe" regression"

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Zhao Wei used the Taiwan actor Guo Degang and actress involved only "Deyunshe" regression"

2016-07-21 03:11:47 593 ℃

"Zhao Wei and Guo Degang, head writer stargazing record" of ""

Close paragraph of time, microblogging, letters and other media platform, the high heat of the two events, one for hiring Vicki involving only "actor Leon Dai, starred in" no other love "and delete events, Guo Degang tweeting rage against the" traitors "and once again accept Sanjin three apprentice to the German cloud society events. If the readers can be two events together with interpretation, perhaps can taste some new taste.

Let's talk about Zhao Wei. Film "no other love" shot early, well intentioned friends to remind Zhao Wei, said her actor Dai Moumou suspected of "Taiwan independence" and suggested that she carefully selected the actor and another Anti China Japanese actor, but Zhao Wei and crew did not respond. After the film wrapped, more users to Zhao Wei employed "Taiwan independence" movie has raised a more question, challenge facing the majority of users, Zhao Wei and the crew is still not give a reasonable explanation, no apology, actually think wearing certain "Taiwan independence" is said to be false rumors, claimed that "will resort to the law, rights in the end". Zhao Wei and the cast of the action, so that users are angry. Soon, users drying out of the lot to prove wearing certain "Taiwan independence" identity of evidence, Zhao Wei year "Japanese military flag" events are friends one by one the steak. Thing already so far, Netizens feel Zhao Wei and crew should be come up with a clear attitude, to give an account of the netizens, but they welcomed is indeed relevant remarks have been deleted "capital" counterattack, which also includes related micro Bo issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League is deleted. Developments in the development of a number of users to completely angered, users began a more intense counterattack, the five major party media have joined the battle group...... Since then, Zhao Wei and the crew released remedy measures and apologetic statement was long overdue, but netizens does not seem to intend to forgive Vicki. Today, events still in fermentation.

Let's talk about Guo Degang. A few days ago, Guo Degang in micro-blog issued a document, said, "is not the son of the dead, is not casual. The stay, the walk away. If you go away, you will know the shame and give me your name. From the River Road, no need to meet!" Laoguo microblogging, so that the majority of users thought the German cloud society renewed strife, everybody all the speculation which disciple but also leaves the German cloud society, Lao Guo Sanjin three disciple Zhao Yunxia, issued the apologize to the teacher, hope that teachers can admit again had no way to go their own. From the old Guo ordinary speech, you can see he has been hated the disciples "betrayal", but the Zhao Yunxia, he but "come back"Three words on the surface of their own attitude.

Say to Vicki events, head writer Jingbo Liu think Zhao Wei and the crew should be subjected to deceive the stakeholders, hire the actor, but there is no denying the fact that, with the development of things, Zhao Wei and the crew should also understand some truth, but in order to prevent change actor remake a huge economic loss, crew and investment (capital) took some inappropriate remedy. Zhao Wei and crew behavior really is inappropriate, but not as regards the yigunzidasi, head to suggest the majority of users carefully goods Guo Degang, can give Zhao Wei a start with a clean slate. Although Zhao Wei things involved in the state, while Guo Degang is just a family, but Guo Degang can give students a three chance, users give Zhao Wei a two chance, or it is necessary.

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