They were in love when they hit the city, breaking up the whole city, and now stand together in the city!

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They were in love when they hit the city, breaking up the whole city, and now stand together in the city!

2016-12-04 05:24:56 1047 ℃

Today, Stephy Tang and Alex Fong have the same frame Jintongyunv news maxed out my circle of friends. After breaking up, it was the first time that two people were in the same event.

The success is not an embarrassing question, Alex Fong answered a little talk ambiguously, but he is said: cooperation, still don't have ~ seems to show how open-minded, actually no way to repair the relationship.

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong two people love each other for ten years, during which the film, singing, variety and so on. Two people work outside the co production also let the audience shouted, there is love, who can expect to break up too fast like a tornado?

Star sister remember, once Stephy Tang to the Eric Tsang show as guests, was on TV in another studio show of his own Alex Fong Alice class "to" onlookers "; in Stephy Tang losing a game when you eat sushi mustard, Alex Fong's not just yourself. The boyfriend, bursting with!

After breaking up, Stephy Tang went to the field to travel to relax for a period of time. Regardless of whether the heart has really let go, finally can accompany him to act, to deal with the!

Feelings of the world, who can say that the wrong? Fortunately, perhaps early release each other, have the opportunity to meet their own happiness earlier it?

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu have also been loving envy of others too, the feelings of eight years once the breakup is saddening.

I think together on the podium next to kneel down to marry him, unexpectedly, Myolie Wu married, the groom is not Bosco Wong.

Now Myolie Wu came in and vaguely husband Myolie Wu had to place the promiscuous in sex relations, business news. Did not know that Bosco Wong has not hesitated, once stretched out the hand to be capable of happiness to be such missed ~

Ma Yili said: love is easy, marriage is not easy. Now want to come, really is lengnuanzizhi people such as drinking water!

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