Leanne Li because of a high self-esteem because of mother and son too much like a dream

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Leanne Li because of a high self-esteem because of mother and son too much like a dream

2016-07-20 22:00:35 3136 ℃

Leanne Li recording program

Wong Cho Lam Leanne Li couple

Wong Cho Lam and mom

Recently in a variety show, Leanne guests have been asked repeatedly about husband and Wong Cho Lam along with details, revealing the feelings behind the internal: the eyes of others think not to ascend to the height difference, seems to be exactly what two people close together. And Leanne Li with the law to get along with her mother-in-law, also let the couple more harmonious.

A high and a low but the same inferiority complex as Leanne Li Wong Cho Lam's meeting point

Men and women together, the height of the board is very important to the group of male and female guests on the program, we must write on the height of the show; men and women together, the height of the board is really important?. At least that's not Leanne Li Wong Cho Lam here.

Instead, the great contrast between women and men is an important step toward the two men approached each other.

Wong Cho Lam is short, everyone knows that. Short people, we think he might feel inferior. Leanne Li high, people can easily see, but do not expect high, people will inferiority.

"I was 12 when I was seven years old". When I was young, the class stand, Wong Cho Lam first, Leanne Li last station. "We contrast this. But I am inferior, do not know why".

Host also surprised, high and low self-esteem, because some people say that you are so high, above the weather like?".

Later, Leanne Li first met Wong Cho Lam, Wong Cho Lam, like a chairman, in command of everyone". But because of the height is not high, the chairman of the need to stand on a step to command you. "I think it's small, but it's interesting to do things in the command". As for Leanne Li later found Wong Cho Lam "very good, very loving", we have to know.

But at the beginning of the story, two people with the height of the problem has been plagued by the past, not the pros and cons of the two people to promote the sense of resonance?

Have a dream to dream of Wong Cho Lam into the mother was because the two long too like

And Wong Cho Lam married for more than a year, has been living with her mother. Said Wong Cho Lam and her mother looked like, like to see is a mold carved out, Leanne Li more experience. "One day I went crazy, I dreamed of my mother-in-law". And dream of her mother's reason, is because and Wong Cho Lam looks like, "I put her mother and the appearance of the ancestral blue mixture".

Talk to her mother-in-law, mother-in-law and will talk to each other, Leanne Li not shy, "well". She set up her own standards, is to do a "good daughter-in-law", will go to help her mother to do things, the family less on the buy back, respect for her mother, like a friend". A high emotional intelligence, good value, but also good for their son, the respect for their own son, the mother will not love it?

"Dear mother, thank you gave birth to a so perfect son, with your looks exactly the same, the gene was too strong, but your son is really good, good love, your mother, too love, thank you so many years of care and to me as own daughter as. Thank you, love you."