Wallace Huo sent Ruby Lin 40 million exposure to buy luxury as a wedding gift

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Wallace Huo sent Ruby Lin 40 million exposure to buy luxury as a wedding gift

2016-07-20 22:01:19 814 ℃
Wallace Huo sent Ruby Lin forty million exposure to buy luxury as a wedding gift

According to Taiwan media reports, ruby in 520 day recognize love Wallace, public affair to 2 months, they quickly announced will to 31, held a wedding banquet, let the outside world pleasantly surprised, couple now in addition to busy preparing for the wedding, still have to separate the two busy filming, more outgoing now man recently evacuated to see the value of NT $2 billion yuan (about 41 million yuan) house, going to give her a wedding gift.

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo to work in two places before marriage

Wallace will be put into the harem, such as Yi Zhuan shooting, according to reports, he took advantage of the recent time frequent visits to the Taipei City in the way of love of a residential community, seems to be bought 2 households will be open, 100 Ping house worth 2 billion yuan NT (about 41 million yuan) to our gave a big surprise, but a good friend that his personality is more conservative, so buy a new house before should first asked to be more familiar with the real estate fiancee views.

Ruby Lin suspected pregnancy

On the other hand, for our future "twins", the constellation teacher Vivian said 4, five children is absolutely no problem, the first child is daughter of the probability is very big, bluntly "a child is very talented, may enter the entertainment, for parents with money, and infer the woman would be cheerful mother, the man is more strictly to the children. The teacher Jiang Bole believe numerology the young couple married complementary boost both momentum, by the end of 2016 or early 2017 have the opportunity to have children. In addition, to buy a house as well as pregnancy and other related rumors, Ruby Lin's agent does not respond, Wallace Huo's assistant is reluctant to answer.