Qin Wei discovered the fourteenth female sexual assault gate! Kissing also split hard

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Qin Wei discovered the fourteenth female sexual assault gate! Kissing also split hard

2016-07-21 00:10:08 629 ℃

Qin Wei once held a press conference to apologize

According to Taiwan media reports, the artist Qin Wei was accused of a number of women, forced sexual intercourse, in July 20th there were fourteenth victims. He traced, 26 year old e female 8 years ago in the face of the book met, when to meet friends for half a year, at the end of the party will be the woman carrying home, and while the other is sitting on the sofa when take the initiative to kiss, hard to hold back room relationship.

According to Taiwan media reports, e female first and Qin Wei after the occurrence of the relationship, originally thought to find true love, did not expect the next day was left out in the cold, call also can not find people, feeling each other the pretend to be busy, suddenly received a private message "would like to you", 2 months after two people and about to meet, the place of the man in the office, "he says, half coax half cheat with my relationship, after he said he wants to go to busy, hastily sent me and send me home."

E woman later found Qin Wei split, the reason is be backup, a female member of the approximately came out the confrontation, "each other has been pressed my boyfriend is not Qin Wei? She told me said she with Qinwei together", she learned that the woman gave up the cause of southern North, also be asked to leave the Qin Wei. She and the man to talk about breaking up, then there is also a third relationship, he always told me to believe him, and now think about that time I was too young, but also has been considerate of him." The relationship between the two people only 1 years on the end.