The actress was raped during menstruation with: dirty and die

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The actress was raped during menstruation with: dirty and die

2016-07-21 11:02:39 1498 ℃

According to Taiwan media reports, the actor Youxing Ma debut for more than 10 years, used to show the love in the world, and the world is a woman heart "and so on many well-known local drama, superb acting deeply rooted in people's mind, but on the 20th being a local opera actress" t women accused of sexual assault, shocked the entertainment circle.

Ma Youxing was a local opera actress accused of sexual assault

According to Taiwan media reports, female T and Youxing Ma due to filming meet, 6 is invite MA in the actors dormitory eat instant noodles, to share experience in acting, did not expect other said body uncomfortable, to help her to step back, although the rejection that many times but are still required to step back, process has suddenly been to forcibly stripped off, and when menstruation comes wet the 3 days, said each other was still pulling to the wall to sexual assault, and even forced her to perform oral sex, tears v. virgin is each other away, feel their "dirty and want to die", said triage, and on July 9th, the police.

Facing the T female complaint. In this regard, Ma Youxing said since the woman has to sue, they do not want to to the media say: "because access to the judicial process, let the other side to restore the truth is good, I is not to say the."