Peter Ho prepares for the September wedding wedding show hot wife try back legs

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Peter Ho prepares for the September wedding wedding show hot wife try back legs

2016-07-21 11:02:49 880 ℃

40 year old Peter Ho (Peter) and Peggy dating for 8 years, in March this year, registration of marriage, the wedding banquet in September 1st. Busy filming the groom only this month, fixing to return to Taiwan, yesterday Taiwan media watch the extrusion time try marriage gauze, wearing sunglasses, Peggy wearing short shorts and strapless flat inserted in 35 degrees Celsius heat, big show legs and back, it seems than wearing jeans, white waistcoat of Peter and the star. It is reported Peter's dress and bridal white gauze still please designers rush in.

Reporters yesterday afternoon to see Peter and wife Peggy road in Songjiang hot pot restaurants, deskmate dad where mom, the atmosphere is warm. Finished the meal, "P" and two old say goodbye to rush to do marriage, then transferred to Zhongshan North Road, famous wedding dress shop, reporters quietly on the VIP area observation, I saw Peter look attention down through the catalog of gauze, staff, alongside commentary, VIP area is in deep also pass to Peggy edge trying on clothes as others chat voice, the two sides discussed warmly.

Fitting only 10 minutes, Peter has something to leave, from Zhongshan North Road to Qingtian Street forward, about half an hour later, he turned to go to department store Mingyao, then went straight to the Xinyi District, gym, get out of the car has been replaced on the vest shorts sport dress. And the woman after a paragraph out of the changing rooms, her star Sao alertness moderately, Peggy sensitive found with the racket, peer friends politely told reporters said sound 'sorry' after the VIP area of the door closed, don't let the bride dress first exposure, after after the wedding she left on their own, the couple each busy each retain private space.

Left more than 1 months "double P" reception, bride cake, wedding rings are in preparation of Huai, prepare the pick some dresses, but part of it is also requested by the designers draw custom, clothes do not take the fancy style. As for newcomers to the upcoming banquet mood common heart, Peter as daily plan to fitness, Peggy was also busy jewelry business, the next location for honeymoon, the date has not been set, first finishing a wedding again.