He called the Hongkong diamond Prince ye, Miriam Yeung is his sister-in-law, hidden marriage years beautiful wife

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He called the Hongkong diamond Prince ye, Miriam Yeung is his sister-in-law, hidden marriage years beautiful wife

2016-07-21 00:10:13 2372 ℃

Speaking of Allen Ting, personally feel that he is not red, but also quite a pity.

Dingzijun 21 debut, the first drama and participating the winning the prize get soft "woman of forty", which starred in the sun in a, the drama did not release in the mainland, but in Hong Kong and overseas release, word of mouth and taste. Allen Ting was also nominated for fifteenth with the award for Best Newcomer award.

Since then, he has started his career as an entertainer.

He just made a debut in the second year and Leslie Cheung, Shu Qi co star in "sex between men and women", now the older brother had to go to so many years, LED has been pronouncing a brother.

(that's right, the hair is Allen Ting) Allen Ting just debut long hair.

For the first time, Allen Ting took only three years, the play was in cooperation with the quiet in 1998, called "the love of Shanghai".Since then Allen Ting has played for many times in the play actor, such as cooperation with Li Xiaolu, love than hate a little more, in the male one Haining. And Han Xue together with the city love drama "just fall in love with you", starred in Wen Zekai. Have to say, Allen Ting's modern drama, there is a sense of high handed president.

Of course, handsome man in what role can HOLD live, Allen Ting's costume is particularly handsome.

Remember the "myth" in the general Meng Tian? At that time to see the show, they were attracted by him, super handsome.

And "I love the lion" villain of the two princes.

No matter is the villain or decent, Allen Ting is just perfect.

But... Allen Ting entryMore than 20 years, career has been a bland, than contemporaries Hawick to inferior, but people still feel dingzijun than Hawick to handsome.

Allen Ting is very low-key, for such a long time, there is no scandal and a variety of speculation. Apart from filming attended the event, rarely seen his other news. Such people in the entertainment circle without a few of red hot drama, generally difficult to red.

But dingzijun should enjoy filming, people do not lack the money, because he but were outside called "Hong Kong Diamond princelings' ah! Billion worth. And he is behind the dings but a large family, the family business involving diamonds, leather garments and so on.

He was born in Shanghai, but was born in Hongkong.

Remember Miriam Yeung's husband, Ding Zigao? He is the cousin of Allen Ting, that is to say, Miriam Yeung is Allen Ting's sister.

Allen Ting is not only a low-key life, even the marriage is also very low-key. Dingzijun and his wife auspicious (stage name, real name: Zhu Hong) hidden marriage for many years after, until 2011 only wedding held in public, when dingzijun explains: because I want to protect this paragraph of feeling, like I can understand the mentality of Andy Lau.

Dingzijun wife is Hangzhou people, was also an actor, has starred in "all angels to blame" and "Oolong Chuang intelligence clearance" series, but in the understanding of dingzijun, relegated to second-line, to the identity of the assistant manager help him brokerage things to take care of.

But the couple in the entertainment industry is really very low-key, even the honeymoon is different to Gansu to see those little friends. Because dingzijun keen charity, not only do charity concert, also have donated money and books, and in Gansu donated a lot of water cellar, so their wedding and want to such a honeymoon.

Can be so much a handsome man, when looking at his micro-blog, but found that he is also a funny than ah!

Don't know that he is such a person, even with a micro-blog. (I guess his wife on behalf of)

meanwhileHe is also a patriotic youth, Allen Ting was born in Shanghai, but was born in Hongkong, grew up in Shanghai!

But he did not show affection... Poor assessment ah!

But dingzijun is indeed a good man, and Zhao Liying cooperation before the snakefish legend ", the two became good friends. This does not, even his wife are Zhao Liying and become good friends.

I have to say that Allen Ting's wife is really a big beauty ah! And two couples also specially affectionate and his wife microblogging has two modules, part hair own another part are dingzijun.

This pair of the value of the yen is really high ah! Look at his wife, not only beautiful, or long legs.