Analysis of Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Lu Han, Dong Zijian "90 four size" arena skills

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Analysis of Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Lu Han, Dong Zijian "90 four size" arena skills

2016-07-21 03:13:41 1125 ℃

2000, the media to Chen Kun, Lu Yi, Li Yapeng, Hu Bing and known as the mainland's first batch of four students; in 2006, the media to Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei, Yin Xiaotian, Nie Yuan and known as the second batch of four mainland china...... Well, the wave niche in 2006, director of love.

After the Yangtze River waves pushed forward waves, to 2016, 90 niche become main television drama, became the star of the competition for the director flow.Recently, the secretary found that the impact of the first ETtoday network in Taiwan, the first release of such headlines:"After 90, four released a list of niche! He along with Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Lu han".It is reported that the ranking first came from the end of the world community".

Subsequently, media, and from the media big V also in succession follow-up: the size of four 90 students list released: Luhan, Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Dong Zijian selected!

Before the Korean delegation members of the "EXO" Luhan is "four size" was the most popular one.LuhanMicro-blog has a 13 million 160 thousand message to reply, set a world record, it can be seen that the amazing power of fans. Back to China after the development of the first film to return to the 20 year old, get word of mouth and the box office double harvest.

2015 Luhan starred in IP film "Tomb notes", and Zhang Yimou cooperation blockbusters "the Great Wall".

Last month, Wu Yifan was "about Pao" storm hit a hitherto unknown "public campaign".But after the storm, Wu Yifan's career does not seem to have been much affected.Recently by the Liu Yifei and starring movie "youth originally you also in here" is being aggressively, although watercress score low to 4 points, but released 10 days has been 3 million yuan at the box office, fans are still strong support.

And Wu Yifan and the successful finalists four size students, on the grounds that:Wu Yifan in the four size, the first step into the Hollywood of a step.Last year by Luc Besson asked to star in "star agent", also joined the "ultimate agent 3: Ultimate regression", with Vin Diesel and other large coffee with Taiwan Biao play.

When it comes to Yang Yang, his key words are: high value!Even the Secretary around several 80 bestie are very fond of him.

In 2008 Yang Yang played the adult Jia Baoyu in the new dream of Red Mansions "in the sunshine boys shape up by one girl. This year he popular IP series blessing, a series of drama starred in the TV drama "the tornado girls", "Daomu", the movie "left ear", such as IP, viewing and box office are remarkable.

This year, Yang Yang will also have the smile is Qingcheng "and" Sansheng III ten peach blossom and so on many popular IP series repeated broadcast."Turn on the TV to see Yang Yang" is not just a word.

Finally let the Secretary to talk about Taiwan, with the largest media the most popular pages of inking Dong Zijian shoes!

Compared to the other three love beans, Dong Zijian age is the youngest, debut is also a little late.And Dong Zijian is more with his excellent acting and beyond his age of mature business mind, in the entertainment industry by everyone's favorite.

In 2012, Dong Zijian to high school students, starred in the film directed by Liu Jie, "the youth", as the male one.By virtue of this film, Dong Zijian won 2013 Shanghai International Film Festival movie channel media awards, best actor, and was nominated in 2013 the 50th film in Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best new actor award.

In 2015, Dong Zijian starred in a film by Jia Zhangke and the "old" mountains and rivers, the old drama of bone Zhang Aijia staged fell in love. The Cannes International Film Festival finalists main competition unit,Dong Zijian became Cannes's youngest Chinese actor who compete for.

Jia Zhangke once praised Dong Zijian performance calm relaxation,"I have seen a few, very comfortable in the lens of the actor, there is no sense of restraint, there are inherent in the potential and talent to cover up."At the Cannes Film Festival," the last emperor "producer Germi Thomas in the mountains and rivers friend reflect praised:" Dong Zijian has a a face for the future. "

In 2015, Dong Zijian with the movie "mother" nominated the fifty-second Taiwan Film Awards for best actor!Aaron Kwok, Deng Chao, Li Hongqi, Feng Xiaogang, and Dong Zijian were the men of the time.

The Secretary of the mainstream of the mainstream community website, found that the fans recently on this "four - size students" ranking, the discussion is quite warm. At the end of the world forum, said Dong Zijian, the netizen's reaction is that.

Look at the key words: Dong Zijian's mother is very powerful, is the first mainland brokers Wang JinghuaChen Daoming, Fan Bingbing, Zeng Penghong, Li Bingbing, Carina Lau, Hu Jun and other hundreds of stars.

Although there is a sense of entertainment, can bring some good resources, Dong Zijian in an interview with the media is not shy about this relationship.But Dong Zijian and not rely on pet and arrogant, along the way, he is by pay more than the efforts of others several times hard, to get some of the achievements.

With the now popular saying: "not afraid of you afraid you have talent, talented and willing to fight!"

"Mother" when shooting in Yunnan,Dong Zijian almost did not eat, carrying a hoe to dig, dig the Tibetan Cordyceps, a storm lost 24 pounds.And in order to better interpret the role, he is willing to play ugly or even three months without a bath...... So, behind every glamorous performance, is to rely on Dong Zijian almost masochistic way of self training and promotion.

Tiger mother on. In addition to acting well,Dong Zijian has extraordinary business acumen, at the age of 21 on the establishment of investment in the three pictures, "remember" the box office champion catch demon.Age gently put the company operates a model has a good performance. At the end of last year, director of the circle of friends is micro channel of the "25 Tiannianyin leave + million at the end of the year award" maxed out, let a director Dou Xin itch to switch to the company. Check, wow, the original owner is Dong Zijian, a very overbearing President 90!

Just three years, the 22 year old Dong Zijian is almost a movie will win a prize or finalists actor, and high gold content. Such a result, in the performing arts circle should be no one before the. Moreover, he can also put his career at the same time there is a sound of non-ferrous.

When the little fans "to Yan","After the four generation," the secretary is more like, appreciate, such as Dong Zijian and the strength of the performing arts!

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