Yao Di will be starring in "through the big drama", hand in hand Tang to catch Fan Bingbing?

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Yao Di will be starring in "through the big drama", hand in hand Tang to catch Fan Bingbing?

2016-07-21 03:14:16 771 ℃

Recently, according to insiders to all star exploration broke the news, from film and Tak television company jointly invested by the IP series "conduct" of the original female main Yeh was suddenly Yao flute replaced.

Science, yeh is China Film Group brokerage companies signing artists, who played "startling step by step" jade wingceltis, after she had been with Mario Maurer together starred in the film "love in the day"
According to informed sources, film drama company over the past few years has been to Tak television company bundled together, star of the hit TV series "the legend of Wu Mei Niang" is two companies of investment, but the film is not the main cast, but Wallace is the major shareholder of Tak television, film and tak also cooperated "obsession", "Tianlun" and other TV dramas. "Energy-saving" is the first film drama company main cast big TV series IP. Insider revealed, originally "conduct" has been set under the film brokerage companies signing artists ye women, but recently Tak television company but to secure Yao flute woman, persuade film TV companies nodded in agreement, "conduct" do a year to prepare his lessons of Yeh forced tearful abdication ".
It is understood that some time ago Yao Di fixing drama "marriage" is why Tak television company investment. Informed people to judge, the Tang de force Bao Yao flute upper is because Yao flute with Zhao Baogang name Beijing xinbaoyuan Film Investment Co., Ltd. has termination and cancellation after Yao flute is likely to switch to Tak television companies embrace.
Insider also broke the news, because the conduct "and a woman become Yao flute, originally on the IP of interest a frontline actor said to participating, the Tak television companies are lobbying.

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