"The Legendary Swordsman" to Jilin City funny guys happy!

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"The Legendary Swordsman" to Jilin City funny guys happy!

2016-07-21 03:15:57 707 ℃

Program introduction:

"Swordsman" Oriental TV heavy launch large original comedy reality show, the program aims to efforts to deliver "all sorts of life taste, life need to laugh on the positive energy, the interpretation of real comedy of life. Famous director Feng Xiaogang led heavyweight comedian observers Song Dandan, Sandra ng, Liu Yiwei debut release, the common with a brush to write the "swordsman" four characters, and said that in the selection program strictly, searching for the true, originates from the life, life is the energy of the Comedy Performer. And other TV the same type of comedy show different "swordsman" find there is no experience a lot of comedy shows non professional player, all over the country they came from the country, with different occupations and different backgrounds, but they have a common trait is amused.

National Tour - Jilin debut

Tour synopsis:

Venue: Jilin people's Grand Theater

Actor: Liu Liang, dove; Cui Big Ben, red bean; Li Jian, rainbow ring day group Wang Liang, Luna;

Duration: 3 hours

Warm field - Countdown

Opening dance

Host opening

Performing in

All the staff of the host node call

Program arrangement:

Plate division:

The whole audience a total of 6-8 program

Host opening

Star show 4

Other programs 2-3

The participating staff of two season:

Liu Liang, dove:Oriental TV The Legendary Swordsman second season Champions; 2014 avenue of the annual sixth; 2013 Anhui TV super star champion. Oral language: who, I, how come.

Cui big stupid, red beans:Cui Big Ben: the central three I love applause long-term guests; the central seven Shishang big wheel host; central seven sets of beautiful country host; Oriental TV swordsman in the first quarter, in the second quarter. Red bean: Central Seven World Village guests; the central three sets of new year seven Tianle musical comedy guests; central three echo loud guests; 2016 5 month avenue of stars month title.

Li Jian, rainbow circle day group:Red Bull dance challenge finals champion, the Asian Championship top hip-hop events SM OK EP OP pin; Zhejiang satellite TV Chinese good dance become popular students; the world dance contest kod7 won the Ironman champion

Wang Liang, luna:They are star turn couples file is also funny adult combination; roll out good life first period was chosen as best popular players; windy lakes mentor all through; they are called "walking the punchline"

Xiao Bian think we can go to try

After all, there are prizes for the prize.

After all, there are still a lot of people in the northeast of humor bacteria

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