Hawick Lau and ex girlfriend Bernice Liu kissing photos leaked, Yang Mi saw these photos will go crazy!

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Hawick Lau and ex girlfriend Bernice Liu kissing photos leaked, Yang Mi saw these photos will go crazy!

2016-07-21 13:24:36 9938 ℃

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Entertainment to spread such a sentence, the most will kiss is the little sun Zhong Hanliang, the most likely to shoot the scene is Hawick Lau. Old driver Hawick early and ex girlfriend kissing action is also coloratura abound, boom bed scenes in the play and Eiji, Zheng Shuang actress, measure even Yang Mi to see the city jealous and unhappy.

Hawick Lau and Bernice Liu Yang Mi, passionate kissing photos, you angry?

When Bernice Liu was too poor. After many years still left, Hawick Lau Bernice Liu. It may encounter splits the falsest. However, when two people love is all kinds of show of affection. Hawick Lau kissing ex girlfriend Bernice old photos leaked, Yang Mi do not know whether to disintegrate, it is reported that the Hawick had and Bernice mystery dating, but because they were too poor were discarded. The netizen is in an ironic way: Yang Mi is picking up a "cheap", "to eat leftovers"!

Hawick Lau was too poor to abandon by Bernice Liu

About two people of the past break up reason, reportedly flower Bernice big ambitions, would like to find a greater a patron to do her boyfriend, liukaiwei abandon is a not well known but not the cause of the poor wretch. Did not break up when Bernice Liu Hawick Lau suffered splits. Bernice Liu boarded then in the limelight of Moses Chan, Bernice Liu Moses Chan in the home of short 2 hours, was exposed by the media.

Hawick Lau is still in the dark from media reports did not know, so let Bernice to make a choice, or ended on both sides of the relationship. But Bernice Liu ultimately chose Moses Chan, the famous Hawick Lau didn't give up.

Bernice Liu did not marry the grace of Yang Mi, married a line actress Hawick Lau, is also the opportunity to take advantage of the host

Hawick today, when Xie Liao bier in the past not to marry grace, let him meet Yang, married than itself was red Yang Mi, career also follow Yang Mi Daoguang. Now Hawick Lau could not meet all kinds of notices, also successfully into the first-line star team.

Hawick Lau's early romantic scene let a person see the ear red heart, Yang Mi is jealous

And former girlfriend of all kinds of intimate, Hawick Lau early shooting intimate bed scene, let a person see is also ear red heart. In this group of stills, Hawick Lau and the heroine scenes is very invests, stimulating action bold passion standard favorably to any passion for film. I can't think of you as Hawick Lau.

Hawick Lau Zheng Shuang is the passion for my bed, hot

In the lonely empty chamber spring desire late ", older drivers Hawick wall boom and armed police and ostentation and extravagance is hot, even pure and lovely Zheng Shuang also cannot hold, in the Ming Huang candle is exposed before white legs let old driver Hawick set-up.