22 year old married 51 year old teacher 3 times the birth of a child was arrested on suspicion of rape was arrested, Meng Ge!

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22 year old married 51 year old teacher 3 times the birth of a child was arrested on suspicion of rape was arrested, Meng Ge!

2016-07-21 13:30:00 575 ℃

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We say, poor national parents heart. When Li Tianyi is to rape complain the hour, Li Shuangjiang and mengge representation and words and deeds, as parents is human; but had to say, so the achievement of a pair of artists and in the circle reputation, for a child's education, thought-provoking.

The two days of the gang of days to check the information of Meng Ge, her life is also a surprise! Born in 1966, she was 4 years old by the mother of the impact of learning to sing, 8 years old began performing on the stage. At the age of 13, Meng Ge was admitted to the Shashi song and dance troupe, where learning of vocal music.

At the age of 18, mengge separate Shashi City of Hubei Province, began to Beijing apprenticeship in the Opera Department of Social Center College of music under the tutelage of teaching Jin Tielin and Zou Wenqin, and publish the ego debut single "I'm you dream of a dove. In Beijing, mengge fairly automatics, 1988, 22-year-old mengge first join CCTV Spring Festival Gala, sing a song "Chinese dragon". The CCTV Spring Festival evening show mengge blockbuster, she not only promoted the music itself structured and personal experience, and met now husband Li Shuangjiang.

When, then, the apprentice Li Shuangjiang Meng Ge automatic, Li Shuangjiang also to the girls, I was not taught." Two people declined, but then you come to me to heart feelings, teachers and students love to span by love.

While family and friends all over the veto, but in 1990, 22 year old Meng Ge and 51 year old Li Shuangjiang in Beijing friendship hotel for a grand wedding. Thousands of peers in the national literature and art to congratulate the teachers and students to go to the end of the family members. In 1992 to enter the song and dance troupe. Since then, Meng Ge opened a new life, a major leap in the life of the individual arts.

Mengge and Li Shuangjiang into marriage, two people in the life care for each other, helping each other in business, can be described as a mix of men and women to work not tired, this time, mengge become China Conservatory of music, national vocal music graduate students, but the age, pregnant mengge, she in order to keep the children packed the suspension. Because, this is their third children, the first child died, second pregnancies and stillborn. So, it is very difficult to get pregnant again Meng Ge is willing to give up everything for the children.

This child is now very famous Li Tianyi, alias Li Guanfeng. The old son of Li Shuangjiang is very much love for his son, plus the two previous pregnancy history, Meng Ge also very love his son. Them from the son are focusing on cultivating, poetry and literature piano paintings everything fine Xiao, and, Li Tian a 4 years old start to learn the piano is the National Children's piano competition gold medal winner, and served as the Chinese children's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games ambassador; 8 years old to learn calligraphy, continued to love China National Youth Calligraphy Contest in copper, silver, gold honored three times.

It stands to reason that such a good boy in the future must be bright prospects, but because parents excessive doting, let Li Tian this root the positive seedling red genius on the betrayal of no return, unlicensed driving luxury cars, beaten residential owners until later sensation all over the world "li gang rape case. Finally, the child suffered, delaying the opportunity to take over education, parents yanmianjinshi, be on the back of the typical.

So it seems, Meng Ge's bittersweet, with joy. The so-called poor national parents heart. Group of elder brother support in front of the evil punished, also support as long as attentively goodness one should be delighted to hear criticism has the opportunity to start afresh.